Monday, March 14, 2011

a monday long run

After going to a wedding and staying up late (although not drinking too much...shockingly considering there was an open bar) on Saturday night, Heather and I had great plans to go for a long run on Sunday morning...but they were derailed by tiredness. Since neither of us had to work today, we decided to put it off until today and ended up with a Monday long run instead of a Sunday long run. In hindsight- it actually may have been for the best since Sunday was probably a VERY busy day on the paths due to some great weather.
We started out around 8:30 looking like this:
a little sleepy, but ready to go
And after 10.5 miles of wind, winding paths, river views, and some icy patches (that had one of us end up sliding down a hill on her butt), we ended looking like this:
Not sleepy but definitely tired
It was nice to spend that time running in my "home town"...which is a city I lived in for 25 years but didn't explore as a runner because I didn't start running until I moved away. Plus, I got to spend some quality time with my sister and get my run in.

Next on the agenda was lunch with my mum, grandmother, and sister, but first, I refuled with my wedding favour:
She made and decorated them all for everyone (and we each got two)...I love their smiles. They were delicious and super cute. Maybe not the greatest ratio of carbs and protein, but it was delicious.

Fun day...but now I'm exhausted. But it was really nice to be able to mix it up and do a long run when it suited my vacation schedule and energy levels.
Hope Monday is treating you all well.


Heather said...

My bum still hurts from falling!!

kristen said...

Just think of how much more it would hurt if you hadn't fallen downhill!