Monday, March 07, 2011

lousy smarch weather

This, my friends, is why I try not to get too excited about spring in March:
March 7th, 2011. Snow.
The funny thing is, it was pouring rain on Saturday. Said rain melted a LOT of snow (which meant a lot of slush puddles everywhere) and I thought that perhaps we wouldn't get much more. Oh how foolishly optimistic I was...
at least it isn't -30?
And when even Jordan decides that it isn't worth running in, you know the snow is bad. (Monday is recovery run day for him and his words were "It isn't even running in this") Slightly east of us, universities and schools have cancelled classes. Despite the amount of snow that falls, there really aren't that many snow days around here because we have the right equipment to deal with the snow. So yeah, that means a lot of snow has fallen and is still falling.
half a boot high and still falling
I'm counting on the hope that in a month, the snow will be a distant memory and the sidewalks will be clear. In the meantime- please send the sun and check on us to make sure we aren't overtaken by the snow. Too bad I have to work- this is prime skiing weather...

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lu said...

this winter has turned me into someone that talks about weather regularly!

my door step doesn't look like yours, but it is still too cold for me to run here and i think i am missing vitamin d along with all the other benefits of being outside longer than the quick run between home and car and car and office.

roll on spring!