Friday, March 18, 2011

feeling lucky? win a roadid (and my review)

As I mentioned earlier this month, I am now running with ID: RoadID.* It is something I have been meaning to get for a LONG time but for whatever reason I just didn't do it. (ok, for awhile my reason was that I was moving cities and then didn't know if I should get the "interactive" ID or the "original"- click here for the comparison- but still...)

I don't know why I didn't run with ID...but I think it is because it is kind of annoying to me to have to worry about getting the ID out of my wallet and then remembering to put it back in the wallet (and remembering not to wash it). Not a great excuse, I know, but here's what I do know- before I had a RoadID I ran with ID about 5% of the time and now that I have a RoadID I run with ID almost 100% of the time.

It was hard to decide which product to choose- but I decided on the "original" Road ID:
My Blue RoadID
I have to admit- I really struggled with whether to purchase this one or the "interactive" option...but I decided on the original because it seemed simpler and like fewer steps for anyone who needed to help me in an emergency. (that being said- I will be buying one for my sister and I'm going to send her an interactive ID)

After making the decision on which to buy, I noticed that on the website, it asked me to measure my wrist with a dollar bill for sizing. Well, we don't have a dollar bill in Canada. But- good news Canadians: a 5 dollar bill will do! I have no idea how many loonies it would take to measure my wrist for the RoadID, but the Canadian $5 did just told me to order the small and the small fits perfectly.

My review:
  • it is comfortable- I haven't had any issues even under all the layers of winter. I tend to forget it is there. I generally put it on the opposite arm of my Garmin (so RoadID on the right, Garmin on the left) but I think I could put it on the "Garmin arm" if I wanted to.
  • it arrived with all of the information I requested
  • I'm guessing that it will do the job it needs to do- though I really hope it never has to.
too many winter layers (but there's a roadID under there somewhere.
 No, I have not needed the ID, but already, there have been several close calls between me and some crazy drivers who have decided that they did not want to stop at red lights that have left me grateful that a) I was paying attention and b) if something had happened, someone would have known who to call if there had been trouble.

So far, I have run with it every run except for 1 since I got it. That 1 run was done on a a gym where my dad was also working out, so I figured I didn't need it. So I'm really pleased with the product. As I said before- I rarely ran with ID before I got this and always felt guilty about it. Now, I just leave the RoadID next to (or attached to) my Garmin and grab it as I go out the door. I don't have to worry about grabbing my license from my wallet (and then returning it to my wallet) and I really like how simple it, the peace of mind is also great.

My only complaint- it is a little "stiff" brand new. I'm looking forward to it softening up the more I use it. That being said- there has been no chaffing as a result of the newness and that is important to me.

My RoadID rating: two thumbs up!

Would YOU like to win a RoadID?  Here's how you can win:
1- Leave a comment on this post and tell me a) your favourite colour of RoadID (check out their website for colours) and b) your closest call out on the road

2- Follow RoadID on Twitter or "like" them on Facebook for an extra entry (in your comment, please tell me if you followed or "liked")
Entries will be accepted until 11:59 pm EST on Thursday, March 24th. If you aren't a blogger (and you don't have to be) make sure you leave some sort of identifying information in your comment- such as "Hey, this is John from Moncton, NB and my closest call involves a moose during mating season..."- so that I can identify you when you win.

Good luck! (and be safe out there)

*The peeps at Outside PR sent me this RoadID in exchange for my review. There was no obligation to say anything nice about it- if I didn't like it, I would have said so...but I really did like it!


wutdafuhk said...

Wow too many layers is right. Would live a blue roadid. Move south. 80 degrees here today. Woot!

Jordan said...

Would it look suspicious if I won?

Suz said...

Would love a pink roadid!!! My close call would be almost falling into a BIG-ASS Montreal pothole. Not only do the they trip us up but they wreak havoc on our cars!

Reverend Joyleaf said...

As a letter carrier I could totally make use of a Road ID. I'd love a blue one. I've had many close calls while walking my route. Crazy drivers that don't want to stop for the nice mailman who is just trying to cross the street, slipping on ice and nearly cracking my skull and then there was that time I almost stepped on a dead possum (I guess that wouldn't necessitate the Road ID but it's a true story). My only concern is whether the closure system is Velcro. My wife has had to replace many watch straps that have Velcro closures because eventually because the Velcro no longer holds. Whatever the case I'd still love to try one out. LIKED on Facebook

Heather said...

I like the purple, of course.

I've had a few close calls, mostly getting lost in foreign cities and forgetting where my hotel is. I don't know if a road ID would have helped too much, but an interactive one would!

Randy said...

I like the blue, however, seeing as I have blue running jackets and shirts a different colour would be more appropriate,so, I would go with the yellow as a good contrast.
My close call involved a cyclist on the pathway, no bell, no warning,if I hadn't heard the hum of his tires he would have run over me as he was passing another cyclist who didn't have a bell either. WAKE UP INCONSIDERATE CYCLISTS.

Most cyclist are considerate and ring their bell so they don't ring mine.

Leigh said...

If I won, I would choose a black one. Goes with everything :) Closest call would be with intersections where drivers do not pay attention to runners at all. Going to like them on FB right now :)

Kirst said...

I would love a purple, pink or blue one. My closest call is drivers who don't pay attention.

Magalie said...
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Magalie said...

I liked the red, but would have gone with green if they had it. I've always wanted to get one for my dad who cycles a lot. I followed them on twitter!

Karen said...

I would love a blue one! My closest call was a driver not paying attention at a red light.

jnelle said...

GreEn or blue are fab!
While running down Percy, a car pulled out of a hidden driveway without looking both ways, nearly running me over in the process. Then she had the gall to honk at me! Pfft!!

jnelle said...

Red or blue are fab! (edited to note i looked at the wrong colours when i said green); also, i liked it on FB and followed on twitter ;)

While running down Percy, a car pulled out of a hidden driveway without looking both ways, nearly running me over in the process. Then she had the gall to honk at me! Pfft!!