Sunday, March 06, 2011


I am currently watching a show about snakes. Why? Because they are equal parts scary and fascinating. Opening line: India is the snakiest country in the world.
(figured a fictional snake was more fun)

Snakes: icky? cool? both? What say you?

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S said...

Most awful thing ever. Horrible, horrible phobia. I can't even hold a magazine if I know there's a picture of a snake in it. Any movie that might have a snake in it, my sister either screens for me or researches online. (No True Grit for me.)

I once saw a garden snake in my yard and I seriously contemplated never setting foot in my home again. My boyfriend at the time was a real trooper and inspected the full yard, chased that icky thing away with an ax, and checked my creepy cellar space. I eventually did go inside, but I was crying hysterically for several hours.