Tuesday, March 29, 2011

a cold march

Sunday was seriously windy. And it was a cold, cold wind. Too cold for March 27th. I had 11 miles on the schedule, which is my longest run of the training cycle thus far. It wasn't the distance that seemed daunting but rather the weather. It was March 27th. The wind chill was -20. It wasn't supposed to be like that!

I got ready with a bit of dread. I could hear the wind howling, my legs were tired from Saturday's tempo run, and I just wasn't feeling optimistic. Thank goodness for running friends! As Suz came to my door, we gave each other a look that could only mean "not happy, but time to get going."

I'm not going to lie- parts of the run were terrible. With the wind howling, the uphill climbs, and the leftover congestion of a cold that I just can't shake, there were a few miles of misery in there. But at least we were miserable together. When we hit about 8 miles though, things took a turn for the better. Suz had some Peach Tea Gu Chomps (CHOMPS!) that she was saving for "emergency use" and at the top of the final hill, we each had a chomp. From that point forward, we were all smiles, jokes, and laugther.
please tell me this is the last of winter
It could have been the fact that the final 3 miles were net downhill, that we only had 3 miles left, that the wind was at our backs, or that we were running toward a cup of coffee...but it also could also have been the chomp ;-)

Hope your week has started off well. If you care to share- tell me something or share a link that will make me laugh.


Heather said...

What about this link? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epUk3T2Kfno

kristen said...

Definitely made me laugh :)
Thank you

Jordan said...

Lousy Smarch weather!

Marlene said...

Mmm, I love Chomps! Just like candy for runners! Awesome job getting the run done!!

chris mcpeake said...

crappy weather, I hear that

Suz said...