Tuesday, March 01, 2011

another sunday, another long run

How is it that I have 10 mile/16 km long runs already?  That was what was running through my head this weekend, but to be honest, it isn't that bad. But I do know that I need fuel for the distance so some of my long run prep looked like this:
accessories for a long run
No, they weren't both for me, but after making Suz hear me rave about Mint Chocolate Gu is last week (seriously- I love that stuff), I thought I'd let her try one out. Plus, I was excited to try the new (to me) mandarin orange flavour. Yeah, there's something wrong with you when you're excited about gooey running "food" but at least I know it.

I tried the new GU just after the halfway point of the run- before my water bottles started to freeze but after we turned around into the wind. (I planned on taking it at the halfway point but forgot that it would need some warming up...so at the halfway point I shoved it between some layers of clothes and let it warm up for a half mile)

My verdict: Mandarin Orange is ok. It didn't make me gag (which is good- I would say that a lot of energy gels make me gag...so the "non gag" is actually a very positive outcome for me) but it was a little to "sweet carb" flavour for me. Part of me was hoping that it would have some sourness to it (I tend to crave a bit of sour as I'm running) but it was mostly just sweet. If you like that though, you will probably like this one. I would eat it if it was given to me and I may buy one or two again, but I wouldn't make it my "go to" flavour.
It wasn't snowing this Sunday- thank goodness
Suz's verdict: Mint Chocolate is GOOOD! I think her words were "these could be dangerous" and then we both talked about how good the Mint Chocolate is...for more than 5 minutes. I think we have a problem, no two people should talk about an energy gel so much. Both of us usually think of running fuel as something we HAVE to eat, the mint chocolate is something that almost seems like a treat. She also commented that the minty aftertaste made it feel like she had just brushed her teeth :)  We both decided that in order to make it the "perfect' gel, it should have more than the trace amount caffeine from the chocolate. (Both of us are fans of the Espresso Love and appreciate the caffeine in that one.)

Oh, and that RoadID in the picture? The fine folks at Outside PR and RoadID sent me one to try out and stay tuned in the next couple of weeks for my review and the chance to win one of your very own!


Suz said...

minty fresh GOODness :)

Definitively my go-to flavour!

Derek said...

I've got one of those sitting in my bag but I haven't tried it yet, guess we know what my next gu will be.

Laura said...

Espresso love is my go to GU...though I really don't like any of them.
I did like CarbBoom for awhile but now it makes me want to barf.

Derek said...

I forgot to ask, how did the test go?

and i didn't comment, but that is an awesome picture in the post below. Congrats on 5 years!!