Sunday, March 27, 2011

7 random things

I saw Aron's post over at Runner's Rambles and thought I'd join the "7 Random Things" train. I like lists and I like it just works. And as she said- since things are always more fun with pictures, I'll add those too!

Random Fact 1: The morning of my wedding, I decided that my feet were going to be cold in my shoes and I needed something warm for my feet. I had seen some boots at Payless earlier in the week, called the one that was closest to the hair salon (and conveniently on the way to my dad's place), had them put a pair in my size aside for me, and bought boots on my wedding day. They were a hit, kept my feet warm, and I still have them:
bridal boots
Random Fact 2: When I went to Paris, I did not go to the Louvre. I just didn't have it in me to wait in a long line. I want to like museums but I end up going and finding them slightly boring. So I couldn't do a long line to see it. If I go back, I'd consider going more to see the building than the art. Is that weird? (we did go to the Musee D'Orsay there's that)
we did go to the tower- and took the stairs
Random Fact 3: I have started two different half marathons in the skull and crossbones arm warmers in the picture. They are actually knee socks with the toes cut out. I managed to find them a year apart at the same discount store. I wish I had bought more because they are perfect throw-away warmers and they feel both bad ass and cute at the same time. (Plus, I love argyle).
skull and argyle: together at last
Random Fact 4: For a long time, I had a picture of a mural as my desktop wall paper on my computer. I found it on a blog and loved it. She often set up her pictures so that you could make them wallpaper, so I did. I knew the picture was taken in San Francisco but had no idea where so when we went, I didn't even think about trying to find it. Imagine my shock when, with our bellies full of delicious dounuts, we turned the corner and ran right into the mural.
where the wild things are?
Random Fact 5: I used to be allergic to lobster. I was able to eat it up until the age of about 10 (or something like that) and then all of a sudden I was allergic to it. It was really unfortunate...because lobster is darn delicious. Sure, it is a little pricey, but if you buy it at the store and make it yourself (make sure the water is salty like the sea), it is much more affordable. I grew out of the allergy in my 20s. And then I rejoiced.
lobster trap in Peggy's Cove Nova Scotia
Random Fact 6: I like to name Jordan's race shoes. I feel like shoes that are meant for racing and that are meant to go fast need a name. I've named them things like Blue Thunder, Orange Crush, and Tiger Beer. I've never named my own shoes.
Tiger Beer: Saucony Fastwitch 4s, Jordan's Boston shoes
Random Fact 7: My mother makes me laugh. A lot. She could probably fill in a list of hundreds of random things about her because she's just so random sometimes. I think it must be where I get a lot of my randomness from. From tea pots, to random birds, to her inability to hide what she's really thinking- she makes me giggle.
how can you not smile? (and dude- i need to stand up straight)
So there you go- seven random things about me. Care to share a random fact about yourself?


jnelle said...

i love the bridal boots - they are absolutely gorgeous!

great list - very interesting little tidbits indeed!

ps - yet another gourmet donut shop. why don't these exist around here!? (probably good that there aren't any...)

kristen said...

If Jordan and I had the money and could learn how to run a business, we'd go into donuts. Hopefully we'd still have time to run, otherwise we'd get pretty chubby eating the leftovers or the ones that come out looking a little weird.

Heather said...

Mum really can't hinde her feelings. That might be why I can't lie with a straight face either. (Like yesterday, when I was talking about the jeans?!?!? Thanks a lot mum)

Heather said...

oops. hide.

kristen said...

I guess being a bad liar isn't a bad thing :)

Toronto Girl West said...

I really enjoyed everything about this post!!! :o)

And the bridal boots are extra cute and comfy I bet!!!

lu said...

i didn't go to the louvre either, but i did take a photo outside of it! not sure that i would go even if i went back. i would probably wander around the pompidou again though.

Katie said...

Great list, and the pics definitely make it cooler. I've never named my racing shoes. I just bought a black pair though. I bet I could think of all kinds of crazy names for them...