Friday, February 25, 2011

thursday updates- a post for friday

Who knew that all of yesterday's "list" would be crossed off by the end of the day today? (ok, so two of the three were absolutely going to be crossed off):

Item one from yesterday: The calculus test. I had a nervous stomach all day (you'd think I was running a race or something- those were the kind of jitters I had. But, I reminded myself that I just had to breathe and that I had studied as much as I could have. When I got the test and looked at the questions, I didn't want to run away screaming, so that was win number one. I did get a little foiled a couple of times, but just moved on, completed the rest of the test and came back to the questions that tripped me up. That strategy definitely worked. The question I found the hardest was the one about asymptotes. I was clearly too busy giggling about them to truly understand how to show where they were. (I knew where they were, just wasn't sure how to prove it). Regardless, I call this a WIN. (unless I get the test back and I'm completely wrong... but I left being very confident that I did not fail. I didn't "ace" it, but I didn't fail miserably)

Item two from yesterday: Registering for the race. DONE (Thanks Jordan!)

Item three from yesterday: Oh right, the test again. Can I just say how weird it was to be in a test environment after being away for so long? All these instructions on where we could sit and what could be on the desk...I forgot about all that.

And a Friday bonus item:
probably my favourite wedding picture
We got married 5 years ago today. Crazy. Anyway, my sister and I were chatting and she mentioned that it was very cold in Calgary today...I think her words were "it is cold. very cold. by the way, happy anniversary" so I said "aren't you glad it wasn't this cold 5 years ago?" (because mean old me made us go outside and take pictures) At the time of this conversation, it was -22 C. I thought "maybe I should see what it was like that day" and found out the following information from the Weather Network website:
February 25, 2006- Calgary 
Max Temperature: -12.7 °C 
Min Temperature:  -27.8 °C 
Mean Temperature: -20.3 °C
(and yes, it even snowed a little)
We both decided that we must have been too excited to feel how cold it was. Seriously- somehow I don't remember being nearly as cold as I should have been.
Happy I had a Winter Wedding
What a fun day.


Heather said...

it was the most fun I've ever had at a wedding!

Katie said...

Happy anniversary! That picture is gorgeous! I definitely see why you like it...

Anonymous said...

I don't remember it being -20 cold! But I do remember going in to warm up a few times. It was more than worth it. You can't have a beautiful winter wedding like that and not have outside photos!