Thursday, February 24, 2011

three things on a thursday

I decided that this Thursday calls for a three things post. Here are my three:
  • Today is exam day. I alternate between feeling like it will all be ok and wanting to curl into a ball and cry in the corner. I am so very out of practice for exams. I feel like I should make a list to make sure I don't forget anything. 
  • I still haven't registered for the Ottawa Half-Marathon. I'm training for it, I plan on running it, and it is 70% sold.  I guess I should get on that.
  • Holy crap I have a test today. And it is a MATH test. Oh wait, that was item 1...but I feel like it deserves a second mention because I'm kind of freaked out about it.
And since I'm feeling stressed, something that makes me laugh:
Yup, I'm very mature
 I'm breathing deeply and reminding myself that I can do this :)


Heather said...

You will do great!

Derek said...

1. pencil
2. student id
3. confidence (even if you have to fake it, better than none)
4. student id (some schools)

There's a list, now rock your test out tonight!

kristen said...

Thanks- I hope it goes well. (though i do need to do some review on asymptotes...)

Funny you mention student id. Because I'm only taking one class, I hadn't got one but realized on Monday that I might need ID for test-taking purposes (plus I can never remember my student number) so I got an id card on Tuesday.

Katie said...

Good luck! I bet you nail it!

Kirst said...

You can do it! (Said with a mexican accent) Don't know why! That's just how we roll. Let us know how it goes. We need a skypeversation. Kids are nagging me to do it.

kristen said...

I think I did ok! Yay!