Tuesday, February 22, 2011

test anxiety

So my first calculus exam is on Thursday. I have to be honest- I'm freaking out a bit. I haven't taken a test in many years and I haven't taken a test that required me to memorize formulas since my first year of University (which was in 1998). Have I ever mentioned that my first year of university wasn't so successful? No? Well, I probably didn't do a great job at memorizing those formulae (oh yes, I just brought on the fun spelling).

Don't get me wrong- I've taken classes and tests that involved using a formula, it's just that we got a formula sheet because the test was on whether you can apply the rules or apply the correct formula to the correct situation, not memorize them. This is generally something I'm good at. Memorization of formulae? Not historically my strong suit.

So yes, if I'm honest, I'm anxious. I can solve most of the problems fairly easily when I know what the formula or the situation is...but sometimes I see a problem and I don't know where to start. It freaks me out a little. Plus, I haven't taken a test that matters in a REALLY long time. I'm definitely out of practice.

The good news is that today's class is for review and I still have more time to study. But until that test is over (which hopefully does NOT end with me wanting to leave the room in tears), my head will be swimming with a lot of this:
If you have any words of wisdom or suggestions on coping with test anxiety, I'm all ears!


Katie said...

Hmmm, I don't know. I was always super anxious before tests. To memorize the formulas you need for the test you could use index cards. When you get into the test write them all down right away. There shouldn't be too many to remember. If you get stuck on a problem go through the formulas you've written down. The problem has to fit into one of those categories. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hello, I just found your blog on HTP. Ick, calculus, I hated calculus. Good luck on your test!

k said...

Katie- I've got my index cards :) and I think I remember using that formula trick in high school- thanks for the reminder!

britt- thanks! i'm still a little bitter that i have to take this course at all so I appreciate your sympathy :)

Dan said...

Good luck!

Aron said...

Ugg good luck on your test!! I hate taking tests... after going through the CPA one too many times I never want to take a test again!