Sunday, February 06, 2011

peach tea gu chomps- thumbs up

 I had 9 miles on the schedule today and usually 9 miles is in the "maybe, maybe not" zone when it comes to needing nutrition for me. Sometimes I need it, sometimes I don't, but I'll often bring something with me just in case. Since I woke up to about 10+ cm of snow instead of the forecasted 1-2 cm, I figured I would need a little extra "oomph" and figured I'd dig into my stash of GU. I decided on these:
 And since I promised to tell you about the products that I won, here's what I thought.
I had no idea what they would taste like, but figured that since it was decently warm for winter, it was fairly safe to assume that they wouldn't freeze up and would be chewable instead of rock hard. Since there are 2 servings per bag, this was a perfect sharing opportunity.

Suz and I decided to dig into them once we got to the top of the "mountain" (sorry- I know they call it the mountain here and it is indeed a mountain, but when you come from the Rockies, it is hard not to put it in quotation marks). We had been going uphill for about 3 miles and needed a reward.

The verdict? For running fuel they were really tasty. You could taste the peach, you could tatse the tea, and only a hint of that carbohydrate flavour that I associate with products such as this. Both of us thought they reminded us a lot of jujubes (with a hint of saltiness) and agreed that we were glad that we decided to chew them while standing instead of running because we thought we might have had a tough time with how big they are while running. We both gave them the thumbs up for a training fuel. I definitely wouldn't use them in a race though because of the chewing factor.

My only other experience with a "chew" instead of a gel was in the form of another company's "bloks" and while I know other people love them, they almost made me throw up. These were gentle on my stomach (I chased them with some water) and did the trick with helping me with a little boost part way through my run. It was much easier after the chomp break...but then again, it was pretty much all down hill from the top of the mountain. Suz also really loved that they were called "chomps".

So- our rating: 
Peach Tea Gu Chomps: 2x caffeine and 2x thumbs up

*I won this product and did not buy it

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Suz said...

CHOMPS! definitively 2x thumbs up :)