Monday, February 21, 2011

chilly but great

On the schedule for Sunday was 9 miles at an easy pace. Not a crazy long run, but nothing to scoff at... Most Sunday mornings this winter, I've either woken up to fresh snow (snow and more snow) on the ground or snow falling from the sky. This morning, I woke up to blue skies and dry sidewalks. I thought maybe I was still asleep and dreaming...
But I was indeed awake and a perfect winter morning. Sure, it was chilly (the windchill was about -20) but again- the sun was out and the sidewalks were CLEAR. I know that not all of you will understand the excitement about clear sidewalks, but I'll try to do a comparison here for you. Running in "loose" snow (so fresh snow that hasn't been packed down or snow that has been packed but is melting so it is starting to loosen up a bit) is a lot like running in sand. The footing is uneven, your stabilizing muscles work overtime, and it takes more energy to propel yourself forward. It is hard on your body and it is hard on your brain too- you're never sure what the next step will bring.

The sidewalks were clear from snow (although not necessarily clear from ice- we had a HUGE melt earlier this week, leaving some really thick ice on some parts of the sidewalks) and despite the chilly wind, it was a great day for a run. And while running (with my trusty running sidekick Suz) I could just tell that most people out there running were also feeling the running joy that we were feeling. There were springs in all the runners' steps, some guy almost gave me a high five, we kept having to reign in the pace because it just felt so good to run on a flat surface.

One of the best 9 mile (or 14.48 km for you Heather) winter runs I've ever had. Thanks weather (and thanks Suz!).

Any good long runs lately? (Or just great Sundays?)

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