Thursday, February 10, 2011

accent vlog at long last

Now that it is "so two weeks ago",  I finally got it together to do the accent vlog (which for some reason, my instinct is to say v-log instead of vlog...which is strange because I would never say b-log instead of blog). It was very awkward to do (as you will see at the end of the video, I had no idea how to end it) but now I know that it isn't that hard.
Ok- so here is my embarrassing myself for the internet to see.

For the list of words and questions, check out this post here.

One thing I don't say a lot (that Canadians are known for) is "eh". Growing up, I actually never understood why we were known for saying "eh" and wondered if it was because there are lots of "a"s in our country name. Then I started hearing it more and when I moved to Ottawa, heard it a lot (from both Ontarians and the many Maritimers that I met).  More recently, I've been told that "hey" is the "eh" of Alberta and I have to admit- I agree and I am definitely a user of "hey". The more "classic" Canadian phrase would be "I" but I say "I know...hey?"

As I said in the video, I'm now living in Montreal. Montreal is in the francophone province of Quebec and is a VERY bilingual city. Most anglophones are also fluent in French and most of the francophones are also fluent in English. For people whose first language is English, there are even three distinct "accents" in Montreal depending on your background- which I think is really fascinating. If you are a dork like me, you can check out the Montreal Gazette feature on Anglophones in Montreal here.

So there you have it. I don't think I have an accent- though I feel like I picked up a bit of "Ontario" when I lived there. Any words surprise you? My sister did the video too- do you notice any differences even though we grew up in the same place?


Heather said...

I forgot about channel changer, I always call it that. and clicker.

Susan said...

Channel changer!!! Yessss!! My sister and I were discussing the accent vlogs last night and we were wondering if that was just a term used in our household.

I wouldn't say you have a strong "accent" per se, but it's definitely way different from where I grew up. Your vowels are a lot shorter. Actually, your accent & voice would be perfect for broadcasting! ;)

k said...

I probably call it the channel changer more than anything. Unless I've got that Age of Electric song in my head, then all I can think of is remote control.

I do love me some Robin Sherbatsky...maybe my second career can be in broadcasting :)

kris said...

Potato bug!!

I don't really follow blogs anymore, so no clue what this is about, but that was interesting.

What do you call it when you step in a deep puddle and your foot gets soaked - a soaker!

k said...

I definitely thought about adding a soaker question...really, who knows about soakers? (but I'm glad I do)

Toronto Girl West said...

Can you believe I only now saw this . . . every time I would sit down to watch it I was on my iPhone and it wouldn't play! Finally I'm in front of a real life computer!!!!

You sound so normal!!! AND well spoken! :o)

Funny thing is you seem so familiar too - somehow what I expected!

PS: Super cute Canada Lululemon hoodie!