Tuesday, January 25, 2011

winter running

Feels Like: -27 
Wind: W 13km/h 
This is what the weather network told me was waiting for me outside when I checked the temperature pre-run. Part of me wanted to scream like a little girl and go back to bed, but I had a running date and I also just wanted to get a run in. So, I consulted my winter layering post from last year to try to decide what to wear. I was a little disappointed that I hadn't put the temperature on that post so I would know what worked at what temperature...so, I decided that I'd try again- new year, new post about winter layers- this time with a temperature!
Here's where I started:
Top: Lululemon sports bra. They don't make it anymore, so the closest thing to it is probably the 50 rep bra. It is quite supportive, but not all that attractive. (the 50 rep is better lookin' for sure)

Bottom: Lululemon- a "full back" version of the technithong. As I said last year- cotton underwear + running in the cold = BAD NEWS.

Those black things: CEP compression sleeves. wore these both for warmth and because my shins felt a little twingy earlier in the week so I thought they might be helpful. The added bonus was extra warmth :)

The next layer:
On top I have the tank I got as part of my participation on Team Alzheimer's for the Covered Bridges Half Marathon. I find that when it is cold, it is nice to have a tight wicking layer close to my body. It wicks the sweat, and it is an extra layer between me and the cold wind. When it comes to tucking things in, think Steve Urkel- tuck it in and hike it up!

On the bottom- MEC lightweight (I think) long john. Again- great to have a wicking layer on the bottom too. I have never had cold legs while wearing these long johns...I've worn them under my running pants, I've worn them under my jeans, and I've just never had cold legs. Plus, they are a bargain!

Ok, what layer is next? (yup, -27 means there are a few more layers)
Right- this one:
On the Top: It is ok to be sick of seeing and hearing about my favourite long-sleeved running shirt. I should really write a love letter to the North Face about it. It is soft, it is comfortable, it is warm...I wear it all the time (Caitlyn-style even).

On the bottom: These lululemon pants were in my last layering post as well. Again- the higher rise on them is really nice for the winter to help keep everything covered and out of the wind. I still don't know what they are and they don't make them anymore. (I'm 95% sure they aren't a groove pant though and a lot of the other styles they're selling now are newer, so they aren't those either)

Ready for the next layer?
 On the top: A Nike thermal half-zip up with a hood. I think it is an older version of the "Element"and I love it. I love how soft it is, I love that if it isn't too cold out, I can wear a short sleeve shirt underneath and I'm good with just this as the top layer. I've had it for a couple of years now and every time I wear it I'm glad I bought it.
Socks: Wright Sock "Cold Running" socks. I cannot stress the importance of good running socks enough when it comes to winter running. In the summer I like to have as little sock as possible, in the winter, I like to have as much sock as possible. These keep my feet warm and if they get wet, they get that water away from my feet as quickly as possible.
Hands: Pearl Izumi "Shine Wind Mitt" These are new to me this year. I like that there are grippies on the fingers. They're good on their own when it is a little warmer outside, but not when it is super cold.

Hat- Running room "Vapor" tuque (pronounced "toe-kay" with a southern accent, "touk" if you're not southern, and no, it is not a toboggan) is lightweight and does the job.
Mittens: Yup- those are the red Olympic mittens...and they're great for running. They're warm and they're big enough to go over a base layer. And they make me feel extra Canadian :)
Jacket: Asics. I don't know the name of it, but it is waterproof and windproof and adds a LOT of warmth. Sometimes too much. The down side of it is that it is really short- if it hadn't been 50% off, the shortness would have prevented me from buying it. But, since I'm always going to have a layer underneath a jacket, I figured it was ok for the money.

So- the real question after all these layers is: WAS I WARM ENOUGH? (or perhaps some might ask if I was TOO warm)
The answer: I was mostly fine.

I stole a scarf when I picked up Suz for our running date because on the way over my face was cold and at one point my ears got cold because my sunglasses were creating a pocket that the wind could get in...but after a quick adjustment, all was well. When the wind died down and I was running up the mountain, I was a little warm, but when the wind was out in full force, I was happy with my layers. For -27, I was feeling good! Both Suz and I joked that we felt like sausages trying to move around, but staying warm was well worth the bulk!

(and congratulations if you made it through this post! i should have edited better)
So- what is your limit for cold weather running? Any cold weather running tips to share?


lu said...

i am wimpy and my coldest is -10. i also have the mec longjohns and love them to layer with or to just wear on their own. one of my pet peeves is that when i wear sunglasses (which keep the wind out of my eyes), they seem to transfer the cold to my ears with their plastic arms so sometimes i put them on top of my toque.

k said...

the glasses on toque technique was what i had to do to fix my cold ear problem that day!

Kirst said...

Hmmm my coldest.....Well I wouldn't have run in that freezing temperature. I'm in between -10 and -15. Depends on how I feel. I'm not much of a cold weather runner. Try to do it indoors or other stuff.

Laura said...

I did the same sort of post last Sunday after our run. Apparently our run group does have a limt of it is -35...we don't run.
Glad they have some semblance of a limit.