Tuesday, January 11, 2011

winter blahs?

I know- it has been several weeks since I blogged and I blame the winter blahs. It is dark, it is cold, I'm still getting over a bit of an illness, and I'm tired. Plus, life doesn't seem quite as interesting in the dead of winter. But, since one of my goals this year is POSITIVITY! here are some of the things that I'm doing or thinking about to turn those winter blahs upside down:

Good news! The days are getting LONGER...sure, the sun sets at 4:32 pm today, but next week it will be a little later, and the next week it will be even later than that! And before I know it, it will be spring. Right?

I'm listening to a new (to me) podcast called Stuff You Should Know. Not only is it informative and educational, but it is funny too.  We know how I like learning, science, and all sorts of random facts...so this is the perfect podcast for me.

Cooking. One of the other things I've been trying to do the last couple of weeks (and one of my goals for at the very east the winter and spring...hopefully the summer and fall too) is to cook different things. I was in a bit of a recipe and cooking rut in December and had zero inspiration to try new recipes and to really cook at all. But- it is a new year and I'm trying to cook new and different things! Last week I made soup (with bacon in it...mmmm), I made chili (using dried beans for the first time- unfortunately I undercooked them a bit but I'm learning), and I made cornbread for the first time (yeah, I know...first time making cornbread at 30?). This weekend I made cookies and today I'm making a variation on this black-eyed pea stew using dried (yup, attempting dried again...I actually had no choice since my grocery store only had dried, not canned) black-eyed peas.

I'm trying to do more yoga. Whether it is in the hallway of my apartment when I get up in the morning or at the yoga studio, I'm trying to "get my stretch on" and to calm my mind.

And finally- I'm trying to be thankful (or for lu- count my blessings ;-). Every day, I'm thankful for at least one "every day" thing that I forget I should be thankful for.

I'm sure there will be more winter days that feel like blah...but hopefully the majority of the days will have me smiling.

So- what are your strategies for conquering the winter blahs? What works for you?


lu said...

ha! yes, talk to me about how blessings will improve your life...

i love your idea of being grateful and positive about something each day. i can easily get bogged down on how things don't work, any cause i am associated with is doomed to fail, and there is just TOO MUCH TO BE DONE. remembering that it is always a journey and process is important and that there are small victories along the way.

like going to new york city in february, want to come?!

Kirst said...

Winter blahs? Hmmmm....Hot drinks, playing with my kiddos, sledding, skating, working out. Just to name a few. Although still get the winter blahs.

Evey said...

Winter blahs? I am trying to get o over the Portland it rains all the time blahs. lol


Jaya said...

We have obviously switched spots, because I'm from Ottawa and now live in AB, where the intensely cold weather is definitely a license for winter blahs. But in some perverse way, I really covet the idea of getting bundled up and having cold-defying fun (like going snowshoeing, for long walks, etc). In fact, the colder it gets, the more I want to get out. That said, I take a lot of long, warm baths and just enjoy living seasonally. This is a lovely little space you've got going on here - nice to stumble upon your blog!

Toronto Girl West said...

I read your comment about my post making you homesick. I often feel that way when people post about Toronto so I totally get it! :)

Where do you live now?