Thursday, January 27, 2011


If you are a runner- are you jealous? Or maybe you're thinking- ooh, you just spent some serious cash on running nutrition. Serious cash? NO- should you be jealous- well, only if you like free stuff :)
Late last week I read a post by Steve in a Speedo asking us to guess what magical new product he was sent to sample (he was one of 26...TWENTY SIX TUBES in THE WHOLE WORLD...yeah, they were a little dramatic, but why not?). I saw the tube and thought "hmmm...looks like Nuun but I know that nuun has already announced their new flavours so that can't be it...sooo...well, Gu does a lot of internet promo, so I'll guess it is Gu Electrolyte tabs." And guess what? I was  right. Hooray!  As usual, however, I worried that being Canadian would eliminate me from the competition, but the promo company (thanks OutsidePR!) decided that I was indeed eligible and I was declared the winner.

I honestly had no idea what I'd get (except that it wouldn't be the new product because that won't be released until April) but was thrilled to bits (and felt a little like frayed laces) when I received the following:
  • 2 bags of Watermelon GU Chomps
  • 2 bags Cranberry Apple GU Chomps
  • 1 bag each of Strawberry, Orange and the new Peach Tea flavoured GU Chomps
  • 2 Jet Blackberry GU gels
  • 2 Mandarin Orange GU gels (a newer flavour)
  • 6 Cherry Lime Roctane Gels (a brand new flavour that I've been curious about)
Since GU is usually my go-to running fuel (if you haven't tried the GU mint chocolate, and you like mint and chocolate, do it!), this is a prize-pack that I'm very excited about- and the only flavour I've tried out of any of these is the Jet Blackberry, so almost all of these are new to me!

I'll let you know how I like them (and I'll try to get some feedback from Jordan as well since I will clearly share with him- especially because he'll be running much higher mileage than I will for the next little bit). 

Anyone else have a favourite running fuel?
And just to make you jealous one more time:
(sorry Heather-I know you would have guessed the same thing, I guess my time zone payed off this time)


Steve Stenzel said...

Yay! I LOVE the Jet Blackberry, and I haven't been able to try the Cherry Lime Roctane yet. Enjoy!

Heather said...

SO lucky! I am super jealous that you guessed it before I did, and that I changed my answer so that I wouldn't be a little sister copy cat.

I did also get some sweet free stuff, so I won't be too jealous.

I like the blueberry pomegranate chomps. Delightful.

Kirst said...

I'm jealous of both of you. I never get free stuff. Doesn't matter how many times I enter something. Nada. Enjoy your new treats. Let us know how they taste.

k said...

Kirst- I very rarely win stuff that involves a random draw. I think I've only won one draw an that's because there were very few people entered. Lucky guesses, however, are apparently my specialty ;)