Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Today I:
-had my ear to the phone for FAR too long (probably close to 3 or 3.5 hours)
-got a really nice card in the mail
-went to the Vendome metro station for the first time...then ran by it later in the day- weird how that happens sometimes.
-discovered that the place I needed to go was at the top of a big hill
-decided to get up the hill as fast as possible- just because
-was very glad that the sidewalk wasn't slippery as I was going down said hill (even as is, with a crazy carpet I could have gone for a heck of a ride...into traffic)
-listened to one of my favourite Vinyl Cafe stories
-went for a run in the cold- so glad I had someone to share the cold with or I wouldn't have gotten out the door (thanks Suz!)
-ran farther than I thought I'd have the cold tolerance for (again- thanks Suz!)
-managed to put a picture in a RIBBA frame without cursing and without breaking a nail
-felt bad about pointing out a glaring error to the CLIF tweeter, but it was to represent for Canada! (CLIF was announcing that CLIF sponsored Ironman champion Chris McCormick was the first non-American to grace the Wheaties box. Since Mario Lemieux, Wayne Gretzky and Steve Nash have been on the box, I had to say something)
-didn't feel as bad when the tweeter mentioned that he or she was a big Nash fan and really should have known better :)
-shovelled my steps twice
-drank a delicious beer (I have two more of those delicious delicious brews...I wonder how long I'll hoard the last one)
-realized that I did a lot today (and have a lot to do tomorrow too)

So- what did you do today?


Derek said...

not that much!
but still a lot. Its time to be busy I guess with all the holidays, etc

Lulu said...

here here! Way to rep Canada!