Sunday, November 28, 2010

a mouse in the house

There's a mouse in our kitchen.

It appeared on Monday, it has been seen evidence of little mousy other than the couple of sightings (we're pretty sure we saw it the first day it decided to join our household). The exterminator has set up his stuff and the mouse should stop bothering us soon, but until then, we still have a mouse in our kitchen.

The good news is, it can't get into our cupboards- it is stuck in the space behind the stove and behind the lower cupboards...but still...there's a mouse in our kitchen.

Should I get the cookies?


Heather said...

Ahhhhh, mouse in the house!

Do as Papa would do (and watch my screams of fear turn into tears of sympathy) and screw the lid on the pop bottle and throw it in the garbage?

k said...

If it wasn't in my kitchen, I might feel bad for the fact that it is going to be poisoned (and apparently in not a very nice way).

I was definitely thinking of the pop bottle incident when Jordan was setting up his homemade trap that involved a cracker (the first night with almond butter, the second night with almond butter AND jam), a paper towel tube, and a bucket of water.

Then, when I thought about waking up to a mouse in the bucket of water, it made me think of the toilet mice...Mice and I do not co-exist all that peacefully.

the chirpy bird said...

Oh no! We had rats a couple of months ago... it's just so awful! You hate that they're there and then when you kill them you feel guilty... sigh.... we ended up moving house instead! ahhaa
xox tash

Kirst said...

We've done the mouse thing. We used to get them in the garage at the old house and then not too long ago one in the house. Luckly our peanut traps worked. Hope you catch it soon. Did you get my email? I wasn't sure if I sent it to the right one.

k said...

chirpy bird- I don't think I could sleep in my place if there was A rat much less ratS in my place. I couldn't do it...

Hey Kirst- i got your email but haven't had time to write a real email other than "hey- thanks, i'll get back to you" and didn't think that was a very nice response. I'm hoping to have time tomorrow!