Thursday, October 07, 2010

10 things about Montreal so far

(no, this has nothing to do with Montreal except that they are the "welcome to Montreal" flowers from my mum)

1- I really don't understand the point of the no right on red traffic rule. Can anyone tell me what the reasoning is? Bueller?

2- Too much smoking. Seriously. Not sure why people love to smoke so much here.
3- Breakfast! They love breakfast and brunch here. This is a good thing, because I too love breakfast and brunch.

4- Probably the most passionate hockey fans around- even about pre-season.
5- It rains just as much in the fall here as it does in Ottawa.

6- The metro is quite efficient. Too bad it isn't air conditioned (and it won't be any time soon), but a least it goes places.
7- IGA! There are IGA stores all over the place. I'm sure they are really just Sobey's stores, but since I worked at IGA in university, I like seeing the logo. Although their uniforms are STILL terrible.

8- Did I mention there's too much smoking? Yes? Well, it deserves a second mention.
9- The traffic sucks, but at least the drivers are assertive.

10- So far, no one has laughed at my French. And that is a good thing.


Reverend Joyleaf said...

Assertive drivers that are allowed to turn right on red result in pedestrians and/or cyclists being hit.

k said...

That's why I'm in full support of the "scramble". Cars and pedestrians- separated but in harmony.

lu said...

love this list!

and interestingly (or horrifyingly...), i saw someone get hit by a car just the other day in cape town. it was pretty awful, although it had nothing to do with a red light right hand turn and everything to do with a speeding car.

just reminded me that crossing a road is dangerous so be careful there!

k said...

Eek- that would be pretty awful. I guess that perhaps highlights the difference between an "assertive" driver and an "aggressive" driver.

I hope the pedestrian was ok and hope you don't have to see any more traffic mishaps.

chris mcpeake said...

Great list. Watch out for those cars

Marathon Maritza said...

Thanks for your supportive comment on my blog!

Sounds like Montreal is great so far (minus smoking...I hate it too!) but what is an IGA? I don't know what Sobey's is either, so that didn't help me.