Friday, October 29, 2010

another list

Another list. I know. But it has been awhile and there's a reason for it- I've been busy! My sister got married- and there's lots to do and lots of fun that goes along with that.
First things first though- to clear it up- Sobey's and IGA are grocery store chains :)

Ok, now that that's out of the way, here's what I've been busy with:

First there was Karaoke. I had never done karaoke before and it was a great time. Just looking through the pictures makes me laugh :)

Then there was Thanksgiving with almost all of the family (wish Jordan had been able to skip out on work for  a week so that we could have all been together). Then there were pedicures, manicures, and my very first Hot Yoga class!

Then there was the wedding rehearsal and of course the rehearsal dinner:
And after a lovely sleep, it was wedding time. We woke up to a bit of a crazy day
but the forecast promised that it would clear up around noon. So we got our hair and makeup done and hoped for the best. Luckily, it cleared up for the most part and Matt and Heather got some decent outdoor pictures.

We took pictures, they took vows,

and then it was time for the party:

Sure, since then I've been home for awhile, but I got home so exhausted from all the action that I wasn't sure where to even start. So, I'm back from my little hiatus ready to go. I've still been running, trying to do more yoga, and generally having a good time.

There was a little excitement last night involving a very large animal and our VW Golf- but I'll leave you hanging there and post about it when I know how the story ends :)

Thursday, October 07, 2010

10 things about Montreal so far

(no, this has nothing to do with Montreal except that they are the "welcome to Montreal" flowers from my mum)

1- I really don't understand the point of the no right on red traffic rule. Can anyone tell me what the reasoning is? Bueller?

2- Too much smoking. Seriously. Not sure why people love to smoke so much here.
3- Breakfast! They love breakfast and brunch here. This is a good thing, because I too love breakfast and brunch.

4- Probably the most passionate hockey fans around- even about pre-season.
5- It rains just as much in the fall here as it does in Ottawa.

6- The metro is quite efficient. Too bad it isn't air conditioned (and it won't be any time soon), but a least it goes places.
7- IGA! There are IGA stores all over the place. I'm sure they are really just Sobey's stores, but since I worked at IGA in university, I like seeing the logo. Although their uniforms are STILL terrible.

8- Did I mention there's too much smoking? Yes? Well, it deserves a second mention.
9- The traffic sucks, but at least the drivers are assertive.

10- So far, no one has laughed at my French. And that is a good thing.

Monday, October 04, 2010

murray street- an o-town gem

When Murray Street opened a few years ago (I actually can't remember when it was), we visited within the first month of it being open and I loved it. For some reason or another, however, I never made it back. Jordan went back for brunch at one point, but regardless of how much I thought about it (and recommended to others), I somehow didn't make it back before we moved away.
We were back in Ottawa this weekend and decided to have a nice dinner out, so Murray Street seemed like the perfect choice. So around 5, we called to make a reservation and a little while later we headed on over. Unfortunately, when we got there, they couldn't find our reservation. It was pretty weird, but there were two spots at the bar (and we've had some pretty great meals sitting at bars before) so it wasn't a big deal for us. They were very apologetic and none of us could really figure out what happened...then at some point we figured out that the guy on the phone thought we were making a reservation for Tuesday- and repeated it, but we didn't really hear him. So it was probably mostly our fault for the mix up. Again- we had fantastic service and felt bad that they were apologizing for something that felt like it was probably our fault.

We decided to go "all out" and started with some appetizers- the bartender recommended the wings (confit and fried Mariposa duck wings, esppresso glaze, sour cream) and I saw the fresh tomatoes sitting out on the bar and had to try the tomato salad. The wings were delicious- the espresso glaze was fantastic and the meat was perfectly tender. The tomato salad was everything I wanted it to be- sweet, sour, just enough basil, and even Jordan liked the goat cheese (pretty much a first).

For our main courses, we both thought the pork special (mustard encrusted pork loin, maple baked beans, braised cabbage with double smoked bacon) and the beef (red wine braised, grass-fed Ontario short rib, hand cut sour cream spaetzle, le coprin mushrooms) looked really good, so we ordered both and decided to share them. I started with the pork and then finished with the beef. Even though the beef was fantastic and both the mushrooms and kale were perfection, the pork dish was my favourite. I generally don't love baked beans, but the beans were to die for- add the smokiness of the bacon, the crunch of the cabbage and the slight acid in the mustard (plus perfectly tender pork) into the mix and that dish was almost worthy of a Seinfeld risotto moment- I was definitely satisfied.  Jordan's favourite was the beef- he loved the "beefy" taste of it and thought that when you got all of the elements into one fork-ful, it was a perfect bite. The desserts sounded fantastic, but we didn't quite leave room.
We left with our bellies full and with smiles on our faces. It was a fantastic meal. Now we just have to figure out when to go back to Ottawa and round up 6-8 others so that we can give the roasted pig head a try...