Monday, September 20, 2010

cheap eats at patati patata

I never thought I'd say it- but I actually like poutine. Especially when it looks like this (and please excuse the low light- I didn't want to use my flash):
 (poutine from Patati Patata Friterie de Luxe)
Growing up out west, I thought that poutine meant Fries + gravy + random cheese, which in my mind, = gross. But then I moved a little further east and learned that poutine sauce and gravy are not in fact the same. Fries, gravy, and random cheese? Yuck. Fries, poutine sauce, and cheese curds? Delicious. (And sorry to my PEI friends- peas do not belong on fries, especially when they come from a can.)

Along with that delicious poutine (and yes, that's an olive on top...and yes, it works) we had tiny burgers (I had one, Jordan had two), salad, and a half pitcher of beer:
( burgers)
Our meal was barely $20. And it was great food. The burgers were juicy, it was real cheese instead of edible oil product on the burgers, and the choice of toppings was great. We sat at the counter- where we watched the two employees (the restaurant seats about 13) chop veggies, grill burgers, serve beer, cook fries, and tend to both the people eating in and taking out. They were nothing but friendly and despite the popularity, told us to take our time once we asked for the bill.

Patati Patata gets two thumbs up from our household- it is affordable, delicious, and has a fun atmosphere. 

(And don't be surprised if you see more references to poutine over the next little while. i might just be hooked)


lu said...

i think fries+gravy+random cheese sounds delicious! haha

there is a delicious lobster poutine at brava bistro here in calgary that you must try one day!

k said...

I think my problem is, I don't really like gravy...I know, I'm a little weird.

Rhonda said...

Gravy is so's practically the reason why I had my gallbladder removed! But, I am a picky gravy, not just any canned gravy will do. Must be homemade! Gravy on fries are yummy. I still haven't found a poutine I like, though. It is connected with my aversion to curds....shiver.

Tina said...

I don't think I could ever do poutine. I'm a huge texture eater and the thought of fries getting soggy in the least makes me blech. I'm sure I have quite a few unappetizing food choices myself though. :D