Thursday, August 05, 2010

stranger danger, acts of kindness, and why i buy apple

We'll start with the stranger danger.
There have been some really crazy storms in Ottawa this week. On Tuesday, it started raining on my way home from work. About half a block from home, the heavens opened up and the rain started to come down in buckets. When I got home, I was wet, but the worst of it didn't happen until I was safely inside. Wednesday was a different story. I got an email from a co-worker about 10 minutes before I was going to leave saying "you should probably leave's the weather radar" and it looked like quite the storm. So, I packed up and started walking home, seeing the storm approaching and hoping I'd get home in time.

About halfway home, the lightning and thunder were simultaneous and I was looking around wondering which trees or posts were going to be hit by lightening or torn apart by the wind so that I could avoid them. Then a car pulled over just in front of me and I could see a guy reach over and open the window. As I walked by, he offered me a ride. Normally, I'd be screaming "STRANGER DANGER!" but to be honest, the weather danger seemed worse than getting into the car...and so I did.

It was definitely an act of kindness that I appreciated. He said that he was driving by (and was only a block or so from home) and saw me, saw/heard the thunder and lightning, saw the wind, and was genuinely concerned for me. I mentioned that I normally don't get into cars with strangers, he mentioned that he normally doesn't offer rides to strangers, and I was glad to see that he didn't have automatic door locks.

By the time I got home, the rain was insane, the wind was crazier, and I was oh so grateful not to be out in it. Then when I went running 4 hours later and saw the tree carnage (check out the photo gallery attached to this story) on the sidewalks that I would have been walking along, I was even more grateful that I was in that car instead of under those tree branches. Thank you stranger Mike!

As for Apple, Jordan and I went into the Apple store today with two ipods on the fritz (one shuffle and one ipod touch). We saw the geniuses at the bar (totally wish I could walk around with "genius" on my name tag) and walked out saying "this is why we buy apple" when they replaced the shuffle, replaced both sets of headphones (that were also on the fritz but that we didn't think were something they'd fix or replace), and told me they'd either repair or replace the ipod touch- including the engraving. The shuffle is definitely still under warranty, but the touch isn't... Yay for apple!

Oh and if you want to read about my sister's big triathlon, check out her race report! I'll probably be putting together a little spectator report soon.
Sorry for being absent. I've been really busy with trying to get life sorted out. We'll be moving in a few weeks and I've been a little stressed with getting places to live sorted out...but now that things are looking good, I should be back!


kris said...

That's exciting, I didn't realize that was even in the works - I'm out of the loop! Looking forward to hearing the details. It will be nice visiting somewhere new.

zbsports said...

Nah I love the post lots of fun and excitement!!!! Keep it up!!!