Monday, August 16, 2010

new york, new york

First off- Happy Birthday to my little sister:
Enjoy your "mid" twenties. Oh yes, that's right, you're now in your MID twenties. You call me old on my birthday and I'll put you into an age category :)

Secondly, I was in New York city for the weekend and of course ate some delicious things. Here are the highlights in a few pictures- I'll try to describe the meals in future posts, but for the moment, I'm a little panicked about packing up and moving to a new province...

Donuts are also delicious
Smoked fish and bagels
Coffee? Good.
Beer? Also good.
And lest you think all we did was eat (although I have to admit, as usual, I was most excited about the eating in a new city), we also saw some things:
like the Brooklyn Bridge

the city at night from the top of the Empire State building.

Central park (we had great weather!)

A different kind of Park.
And of course, 30 Rock.

All in all, a fantastic weekend despite a few unfortunate transportation issues. The donuts made everything worth it ;-) Oh, and on the way home, we managed to see license plates from 23 states (maybe even 24) and 3 provinces. Yes, that's a good game to play when you have a 7 hour drive.


Heather said...


and thank you! I don't mind being in my mid twenties... better than being 30!!!

Derek said...

Nice! New City food is great!

lu said...

soooo fun and great photos! one city i have always wanted to visit, but still haven't. i will be calling you for food advice (just like sfo last year!) when i finally get there!