Tuesday, July 13, 2010

30th birth-tathlon

So I turned 30 this weekend. Originally, I wanted to celebrate being 30 (and I keep accidentally typing 20...but I often mess up when I have to use the numbers at the top of the keyboard rather than the number pad) by running 30K. But, when I last saw my physiotherapist, her words were "well...you could do that, I have no doubt that you could do it, but my question is do you want to do that knowing that you could re-aggravate a healing injury?" The answer to that was no, so I needed a plan B.

Enter, the "30th Birth-tahlon." Since I just bought a bike and am thinking of entering into the realm of triathlon (otherwise known as "two sports too many"), I figured swim-bike-run combo would be a good replacement to my 30K run. I had Friday off and what did I decide to do with my very first non-working Friday of the summer? Get up early and do a birth-tathlon. Why? Well, I guess my thought was that I could sleep in the next day.

Some highlights:
The 30 lap/1500m swim:
I was a little worried about this since I hadn't been in the pool since May. But, I reminded myself that this wasn't actually a race, got into a rhythm, and in the spirit of Dory, I just kept swimming. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought and I managed to finish in about 35 or so minutes (including a couple of breaks and an unfortunately SLOW man doing a doggie paddle-side stroke hybrid in a lane that was moving far too quickly for his style of swimming).

The 30K bike:
I got to wear my new biking shirt- that was one of the highlights (love all the pockets! and the scorpion...i love that too) :) As was starting the first 10K or so with Jordan. Other than that, and the random tourist who decided to take my picture, it was fairly uneventful. I had pushed it sometimes, didn't push it others, and had a nice bike ride. I'm not exactly sure how long it took, but probably about and hour and a half.

The 3 mile run:
Wow. It was HARD. All of last week was really hot and really humid. Friday was a little cooler than
the rest of the week, but at 100% humidity and a humidex above 30, the air was really thick. I started with a couple of blocks of walking and thought "gee, I must not have been riding hard enough because my legs feel fine" but then I started running and actually laughed out loud as I thought "ooooh...so THIS is why they call it a brick workout..." but once they loosened up a bit my legs were fine. It was the breathing that was a little crazy. I think the humidity was getting the best of me because I found it hard to get good breaths in. But, I got 'er done. It was a tough run, but I got it done (I think in somewhere between 26 and 27 mins).

All in all, it was a fun birth-tathlon. I swam, biked and ran about 36K in total- not bad for a first time trying all three at once. It was weird that the shortest part was the hardest, but with the crazy humidity and being a little fatigued by the first two legs, I'm not that surprised. Perhaps I'll have to make it an annual event.


Heather said...

Fun!!! Maybe I'll come do it with you!

Nichole said...

I absolutely love this idea!! If my birthday was only not in December, lol. Two sports too many, that's great.

Happy belated birthday. You celebrated in a fantastic way!