Wednesday, June 23, 2010

a new toy...

...and the only time I will ever willingly purchase something in a colour described as "Seafoam":
My new friend will help me do some cross training, hopefully reduce the number of running injuries I encounter, and perhaps even turn me into one of those people who does "two sports too many" in a race.

So far, I've done a little bit of riding and I've had some fun. Especially since I've been safe on "regular pedals". Since they were sold out of all but the really expensive pedals when I bought the bike, I have some on order and will be journeying into the land of clipless pedalling sometime on the weekend or next week. I'm hoping my first experience is a bit better than my sister's but if it isn't, I hope I have an even better story to tell. It could be a little sketchy since I've never even used cages before (well, except for on a spin bike) so I've never been even close to "stuck" to my pedals.

Until then, do you have any bike tips for me? I genuinely know little to nothing about biking so even your littlest tip would be helpful? Any gear essentials?


Heather said...

A helmet, shin guards, elbow pads, knee pads... Just kidding. Except the helmet.

kris said...

We bought a couch that is seafoam, at least, I think that's what Lynn calls it.