Wednesday, June 16, 2010

guest post: Suz's first marathon

I'm writing this before I read what she wrote in order to keep things interesting :)
On May 30th, my friend Suz (my long run friend who moved away and who talked me through the last 5K of the Army Run) ran her first marathon. Not only was May 30th her first marathon, but it was also her 30th birthday. I was lucky enough to be able to see her at the water station (as described in my last post) but also to meet her at about the 37K mark and to run about 5K with her. I was so happy to be able to do that with her- I've missed our runs together and to get to be a part of such a huge accomplishment was really cool for me. One of my favourite moments: she turned to me at about the 39K mark and said "you know Kristen, you're looking pretty fresh for having just run most of a marathon..." When I first joined in, she seemed to be doing well- tired, but pretty chipper. Then I watched her transition from "ok, I'm tired but I'm ok" to "I kind of hate my life right now and wish I could be anywhere but here". It was inspiring to see her dig deep and get it done.

So with that, in her words, Suz's Birth-a-thon:
Mission accomplished. On my thirtieth birthday I ran my very first marathon in 4 hours and 8 minutes. I managed a pretty good race, with a little help from my Birth-A-Thon cheering squad.They turned up fully equipped with LOTS OF PARAPHERNALIA, including my head on sticks:
Let me quickly recap the day:

1- The weather was awesome. Overcast and cool with some scattered showers.

2-My i-pod was full of motivational songs that my friends had suggested.

3-I stopped only once to pee in the port-o-potty at kilometer 26. And for those running buddies who know me well, I walked through every water station because I CANNOT drink out of a cup and run at the same time without spilling or choking on the water.

4- I only hit the wall after about 36 km, where I ripped off my fuel belt, threw it at my friend who was cheering me on at the side of the road, grabbed a full water bottle, stopped for a photo op, and then kept on going.

5- Kristen, my cavalier, to the rescue! She jumped the fence and joined me for the last 5kms – THANK GOODNESS. I didn’t feel too terrible at this point but the legs were starting to hurt. This was the pivotal point where my brain was beginning to convince itself that this was the STUPIDEST idea I could have ever thought of. And just when I needed a push, Kristen pointed to the left side of the course and there it was, a “SUCK IT UP, PRINCESS” sign planted into the median for all to see.Well, for me to see.  Priceless.

So I sucked it up, and I finished.

I also wanted to give a BIG thank you to everyone who helped support my cause.  We raised over $600.00. And, of course, a shout out to Brother Mark who ran his first half-marathon in 1 hour 51 minutes!

This was a fantastic way for me to celebrate 30 on 30.

So, do I think I may be up for the challenge of qualifying for the Boston Marathon next year? Hell yeah, bring it on!

Egads Suz! A BQ?!?! How will I ever keep up to you?

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