Thursday, April 15, 2010

running- the ultimate people watching activity

I find that running allows you to people watch without being noticed. Unless I'm being honked or stared at (which does happen occasionally), I find I end up just blending into the background as a runner. This allows me to watch people to my heart's content. Today, I noticed the fashion show. Whilst running, I saw:
  • College girls in short shorts and t-shirts even though it wasn't nearly warm enough to merit such lack of clothing
  • A man driving a car...with no shirt on. For all I know, he was also wearing no pants. I wasn't willing to look much further in order to find out.
  • A middle aged couple, both of whom were wearing some pretty stylish fanny packs. 
  • A man who looked just like Wilford Brimley.  I kind of wanted to ask him if his moustache was real.
  • A roving pack of college boys who were all wearing pretty much the same outfit.
Definitely interesting scenery as I tried to ignore the fact that I'd have to be huffing up a giant hill when it was all over.


Lulu said...

I've been lucky enough to get outdoors on base these last few weeks for my runs... luckily we have a housing community that makes me feel like I'm running through a real neighbourhood, and it is so much nicer people watching here, than in the gym :)

lu said...

one of the greatest shames of this country is the insistance of people to break out all their summer gear when the thermostat hits 15 degrees!

with their white toes, chicken skin, and shivers, they just look so silly.

Katie said...

I had a good chuckle at the man with no shirt that maybe had no pants! I like to people watch too. Sometimes when I take my daughter to Barnes & Noble Cafe, I see and hear some crazy things!