Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I just thought I'd update a few points from my last post.

Firstly, our pie wasn't a disaster. It actually tasted quite good. We made apple pie- so a pie with a top and bottom crust. The bottom crust wasn't rolled quite thin enough (I think I was worried about overworking the dough) so not only was it a little too thick but it meant that we couldn't quite seal the top and bottom. This meant a little bit of leakage, but it meant that we got a bit of caramelized goo at the bottom, which I liked. So it was relatively successful. And it looked pretty good too:

Secondly, my St. Patrick's day cookies were a success. We don't have a shamrock or a leprechaun cookie cutter, so I settled for the next Irish thing that we had- a gorilla. Who has a gorilla cookie cutter? We do :) So I made some little green gorillas and made sure that they all found homes in the bellys of my co-workers. And I raised a really decent amount of money too! It was very exciting that my little green gorillas were so successful.

And a little extra top tip this St Patrick's day (and something to think about for next year) crazy as it sounds, the Guiness Milkshake is delightful. Seriously- three out of three testers gave it the thumbs up.


Kirst said...

The pie looks so yummy. And the guiness does not. Okay it does look good but I know it wouldn't taste good, for me that is.

Where are the pictures of the green gorillas?

k said...

The green gorillas weren't all that pretty- just tasty. I have a few in the freezer that I kept for Jordan (his first question when I said I was making cookies was 'well are you going to save any for me?') and only iced their bums instead of the whole thing...maybe I'll take a picture of those.

As for the Guinness milkshake- you might actually like it. Because Guinness has some "coffee notes" to it, you mix it with the ice cream and it really does taste very dessert-like.