Wednesday, March 31, 2010

to 5K or not to 5K and chillin' with loud cat

One of my goals with my running this year is to be a better racer. I suck at racing. This isn't a HUGE deal, but when I enter a race, I want to do my best. I'm paying for the thing, so I kind of want to make the most of the closed course, the crowd, and the free water stops. (ok, maybe not the free water...) I like races, and for the most part, when I have been racing with the goal of running a PR time, I have. But in general, I leave races wondering if I could have gone faster if I had just kept my head in the game. My head really messes with me when I'm in a race and I tend to fall a part at least once. So this year, I'm going to try to work on my "head game". Obviously, I need to work on the running part of it too, but that's what all the running is for.

This brings me to the following race- the Diefenbooker Classic. It has all sorts of positives: chip timed, smaller race, food at the end, free shirt, it is at Canada's cold war museum- the Diefenbunker, and you get to run through the blast tunnel! It is at the beginning of May- so the weather shouldn't be too hot, which is also a plus for me. The only problem is the elevation profile (and I apologize for all the white space...I didn't have the patience to play with the graphic):
Seriously- who ends a race with such a crappy up hill climb???? But at the same time, even at this point, I feel like I'm running strong and could run a decent 5K time perhaps even PR if there was a race next week. So with all the hills I'm running to prep for Vermont and an entire month more of training, maybe I could kick this race's butt... I'll let you know what I decide (I'm leaning pretty strongly toward's the blast tunnel that's making it almost irresistible).

In other news, it is so nice, warm, and sunny today that I'm currently blogging on my deck. And I have some great company too- the cat known around here (well, to Jordan and me) as Loud Cat:
Loud Cat actually isn't all that loud, it is just that he or she is really mouthy and likes to talk to us. LC also likes to protect his or her spot on our deck. When other cats try to sit there, Loud Cat definitely has something to say about it.

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Heather said...

I think you should do it!!! Why not?

I like the cat.