Tuesday, March 23, 2010

i've gone soft

Earlier today, I made a comment on my sister's blog about how she'd gone soft. Then I realized- so have I. As I walked home from work today in the rain and in the wind, all I could think of was that as soon as I got home I just had to change and get back outside to run. And it sounded terrible.
Especially after my terrible running this weekend, the last think I wanted to do was be cold, wet, AND miserable. But of course, I sucked it up and got out there in the rain. Luckily I had no side stitches, no stomach sloshing, and for the most part felt pretty good. 

My schedule called for hill sprints at the end  of my run, which was fine except for one thing- as I got my arms going, it meant more wind on my wet sleeves... I must have been going really fast (riiight) because MAN they got really cold. Each hill sprint (I did 5 sprints of 8 seconds) made my arms colder and colder. Luckily I was pretty close to home, because I would have started whining up a storm (in my own head) about being cold...

Yeah, I'm a wuss.

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