Monday, March 08, 2010

because i am a Canadian girl, i am lucky


Whether this is a charity you like or don't like, they do have a point. Growing up in Canada, I was never told that I had limits "because I am a girl". I was told I could do anything. I never believed that I couldn't be a scientist, or a teacher, or an athlete "because I am a girl". I was never told that I couldn't run a company, or run a city, or even run a country "because I am a girl". I was once told I couldn't play with dump trucks, but I set that person straight pretty quickly...  

How lucky am I? I live in Canada where as girls, we are treated as equals. Because I am a Canadian girl, I am so very lucky.


Lulu said...

Awesome post, I completely agree.... I work in a very male dominated career and I love that I am a girl - it makes me lucky to know that if I was in a different country I may not have been able to choose the career I did.

S said...

As a Kansan, I can share this sentiment. At my office (the appellate public defender, which has more influence over the course of criminal law in the state than any other agency), women are 60% of the attorney staff.

But, there's a bank here in Lawrence whose slogan is "Banking Unusual." A few years ago, they ran an ad touting their female president, who is about my age. As a little girl, they say, she said she wanted to be the president of a bank and was told she couldn't do that because it was too unusual. Made me cringe every time I saw it. That was certainly not my experience. I used to tell people I wanted to be a Supreme Court Justice or Secretary of the Department of Education and no one ever laughed or batted an eyelash. I felt like that ad was about 20 years too late.