Monday, February 15, 2010

olympic randomness

Like my sister, I LOVE the Olympics. I'm not sure there is anything about them that I don't like. I love the sports, I love the drama, I love watching people live out their dreams. Since I'm feeling a bit random, I thought I'd put together a list of random olympic things or moments that have stood out to me so far (and I'm sure I'll forget a thing or two).
  • Loved the moment when (dutch speed skater) Sven Kramer ran across the ice, jumped all of the barriers, and ran into the stands to hug his family once he was sure he won the gold medal. I also loved his interview with CTV afterward- he commented that he had worked his ass off and that this is what he wanted. Plus he's a cutie. (funny that when I google image searched him, google wondered if I meant "sven kramer shirtless")
  • To stick with speed skating, I really loved seeing the moment when both Kristina Groves and Clara Hughes found out that Kristina had won bronze. The look of excitement on both of their faces was awesome. You genuinely couldn't tell who was more excited. Love the team spirit.
  • Jennifer Heil's grace in dealing with winning silver instead of the gold that she and the entire country were hoping for was impressive. I haven't dealt with disappointment even close to that "important" with even half the grace of that. I'll have to remember her next time I'm disappointed.
  • Every time I see them together, I kind of wonder what Canada AM's Beverly Thompson thinks of TSN's Jay Onrait. He cracks me right up but I kind of wonder if his sarcasm is lost on Beverly.
  • According to his little feature on CTV, Jeremy Wotherspoon's quads are 70cm around (each). After hearing this, I was curious and measured my own quads. 51 cm around the right and 50 around the left.
  • Accidental Brian Williams saying "CBC" instead of "CTV" count stands at 1.
  • I'm loving that I can watch the Olympics on four five channels...(CTV, TSN, Rogers Sportsnet, and en francais on RDS oh yeah, and NBC too!)
  • And of course, Alexandre Bilodeau. I don't really know if I have the right words to say how exciting it was to watch the moguls final. Firstly, all of the Canadians in the field rocked it. Then watching the end was tense but really exciting. Watching Bilodeau's face first when he saw that he was in first place after his run and then when the last skier didn't beat him was awesome. I ran a victory lap around the living room and couldn't stop watching the replays. He is clearly a great skier and he seems like a really nice guy. While it is too bad that some of the other Canadians weren't able to do it, it seems like Canada's first gold medal of the games and in Canada couldn't have been awarded to a nicer guy. (And on the moguls final note- is Dale Begg-Smith made of stone? There wasn't a smile, a smirk or even a grimace that passed over his face.)
And now, I will return my attention to watching the Olympics :) Has anything at the Olympics caught your attention? Any favourite moments so far?


Kels said...

i am so missing being home at the moment...the Olympics are amazing to be a part of even if it is watching it in your own living room. maybe it is being from an olympic city (calgary) and remembering the overwhelming feeling of being a part of something bigger that has made me love them even more. i am trying to keep up online (NZ isn't too into the olympics) but it sure isn't the same.

Heather said...

I love every second. And I haven't seen a trace of Leah Miller since the opening ceremonies.

Runner Leana said...

I saw that tid bit on Jeremy Wotherspoon's quads too. 70 cm...holy smokes!!! I meant to run upstairs and measure mine too but I forgot. Craziness!

And I fully agree with you on Dale Beggs-Smith. So glad that guy didn't win as he does not seem like a nice guy. Yay for Bilodeau. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy it seems (and love his brother)!

Marlene said...

I am LOVING the Olympics... every bit of it. YEAH GOLD!

Check my post today for a little Sunshine!

lu said...

apparently the australians say that that dude should have won gold. not sure how they figure that when it is a judged event...

i find the olympics overwhelming and i can't seem to keep up with all the events! but i do enjoy watching what i can.

lu said...

everytime i see bilodeau on tv, i love him a little bit more! i think i am approaching full fledged crush status. and i feel the same about marianne st gelais, who gave the most adorable and endearing interview in english on ctv last night.

ok, i wasn't really into the olympics at first, but i am jumping on the bandwagon, tears and all.

go canada go!