Thursday, February 25, 2010

an olympiad thus far

I guess since I love the Olympics so much, it makes sense that I got married in an Olympic year. What did we do the morning after our wedding? (no, I'm not about to gross you out of divulge too much information) We watched the gold medal hockey game. Yes, that's right- Canada wasn't even in the game, and yet we somehow ended up watching hockey. I guess since our first date was to a hockey game it just made sense.

As I watch a different gold medal hockey game (yay for Canadian women!) all by myself, I know that this year is a little odd, but that despite only seeing each other on weekends, it hasn't been terrible and it will get better soon.

Apparently the first four years of a marriage are the toughest. If this is as tough as it gets, I can't complain.


lu said...

i love this post! happy anniversary to you both, i hope you get to watch the gold medal game this weekend and cheer for canada!

kris said...

Actually, the first ten are the worst - or is that just us? (Just kidding, please don't tell Lynn.)

aron said...

love the pic <3 happy anniversary!!!