Tuesday, February 16, 2010

my new almost favourite olympian

Dear Bjorn Ferry,

I have no idea if biathlon is a sport that gets a lot of attention in Sweden- it certainly isn't a "sexy" sport here in Canada. I don't really know anything about you except that according to  CTV you are 6'4", 180 pounds, and you will be 32 in August. And apparently you are married to an arm wrestler. Most importantly though, you are an "anti-doping hardliner." Just how much of a hardliner? So hard-core that you now have my favourite quote of the games thus far (and it will be pretty hard to top):
"If it were up to me I would dish out the death penalty in doping cases," he said. "Or at least lots of kicks in the balls." (source)
Yes, that's right, kicked in the balls. So while you aren't a superstar here in Canada (and maybe not in Sweden either), I love your style.
For that Mr Ferry, you get my best rating ever: 6 thumbs up. Enjoy your gold medal!



Sunshine Girl said...

I'm having Olympic envy, because I haven't got T.V. I'm calling my mom for reports, but it's not the same! I *heart* the Olympics as well! I actually weep my way through the Olympics. My eyes are swollen for days on end if I watch. I weep in anticipation, excitement and at all the anecdotes and interviews. I WEEP. During the last winter Olympics, I had knee surgery 2 days before so I got to spend 2 weeks on my tush watching and weeping. IT WAS SO AWESOME. So, I've got Olympic envy...I'm thinking about calling the cable man....

Heather said...

hehe kicks in the balls.