Thursday, January 28, 2010

on being canadian

This should probably be more accurately be titled "on living in Canada", but whatever.

There are some really great things about where I live- universal health care, freedom of speech, a very clear separation between church and state, lot and lots of space (3.2 people per square kilometer or 8.6 per square least that's what Wikipedia says), and all the hockey you could ever want. When people bump into you they apologize (or just refer to the shirt they are wearing), we can laugh at ourselves, and we have a goofy looking prime minister with a penchant for bad vests. Sure, there's the seal hunt scandal and all of the shenanigans that go along with it....but all in all, I love it here.

But good lord Canada- does any other country put its residents through the painful differences in temperature that you do? Just three days ago, I was running in capri pants, it was 8 degrees, it was rainy, and it felt like spring. And guess what it is supposed to be like tomorrow morning:

Temp: -20
Feels like: -30

Yes, I know I'm posting about the weather, but goodness just doesn't seem fair. It felt like spring and at the time I did know that it was just a tease, but I guess I hoped that the -30s wouldn't come back.


lu said...

did you see steve's sweater vest at the senators' game?! eesh...

i was thinking of this morning when i was running in -21 degrees and just laughed, thinking, this is ridiculous!!

lu said...

thinking of YOU.

forgot the most important part of my comment there!

Runner Leana said...

With those kind of temperature swings are you sure you aren't living in Calgary? :)

You asked me if Glencoe goes up the hill? Why yes it does!!