Monday, January 11, 2010

marathon quest 250

Have you heard about marathon quest 250? In 2010, Martin Parnell is going to be running 250 marathons. 250 marathons in 365 days! He wanted to do 365 in 365 days, but his wife had his doctor "talk some sense" into him and they decided that maybe he should take couple of rest days week. Most of the marathons will be run around his home in Cochrane, Alberta- he had a course certified- but he'll be doing some "live events" as well.

(photo taken from his website)
Why is he doing this? To raise money for Right to Play (a pretty fantastic charity).  He's running a marathon as his "day job" from Monday to raise money for charity. I think it is pretty darn fantastic. Check him out on the website and on twitter. If you are in the area, maybe you can run with him!

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