Tuesday, January 19, 2010

a confession

I have a confession that I'm not really all that proud of. I do this in secret and feel a whole lot of self-loathing as I do it. What is it that I've been doing? I've been watching The Bachelor.

I don't even know how it happened. One second I was ignoring it and the next I was drawn in to the tales of the man who has been described as "too perfect" and his harem of bachelorettes. You see, I can get it "on demand" (for free) and last weekend I decided to watch the premiere and it was just downhill from there. There were girls who were crazy, girls who were bitchy, girls playing games, a girl who seems 29 going on 40, and girls who just seemed to good to be true. Then there was the teaser of the girl who had an affair with a guy on the production team and knew I had to watch more.

I've never really been an avid viewer of the show. I've watched an episode here and there, but I think that when it comes to this season I may be "in this for the long haul" (as some of the ladies on the show like to think they are). The unfortunate thing is that he seems to have kicked off two of the most entertaining ladies of the bunch (Elizabeth and Michelle) but we've still got a bikini model who has weird lips, the girl all the other girls hate, and a single mother who while she seems sweet as can be, I can't help but think she's going to get her heart broken. That and there's a girl that every time I see her at the rose ceremony, I wonder what is up with her hair...and sometimes, that's just good TV.

Is there hope for me? I have no idea.


Runner Leana said...

Oh my, I am so with you! I got sucked into the Bachelorette last season and am now sucked into the Bachelor.

I'm not sure when the possibility to volunteer opens up. Maybe May? If I hear something I'll let you know!

lu said...

my guilty tv pleasure is Brother & Sisters, the train wreck of a show that is the very same storyline, very same melodrama, very same issues week in and week out. and yet, i somehow need to know what is happening!

Shanarun said...

Ha ha! On the Bonnie Hunt show, maybe you can Google it... One of her behind-the-scene's persons watches it too, and they review it on the show. Pretty funny. The host, Bonnie says she is "boycotting" it this season -but seems to still be watching most of it. I have not watched it, but must confess to a different reality show..... I have no idea WHY, but my husband and I watch Real Housewifes of Orange County. There isn't anything "real" about it... Like they say, it is a train wreck. :)

k said...

Shanarun I love your picture- is that your pug? I have a love for pugs...my desktop at work is a pug in a sweater :)

Anonymous said...

I watched this week's episode and felt a similar sense if self loathing......I missed all the past excitement, but can't help thinking there's so much more to come!


k said...

I know- the pause in the rose ceremony...the burning of roses? They've sucked me in.