Friday, December 11, 2009


Sure, I couldn't bring myself to get out and run this morning in the first day of the -18 windchill, but come February 21st, I'll be sucking it up and running a leg of the Winterman Marathon relay. So far, we have our 4 person team, but we have no team name. I've put calls out on Facebook and on twitter and I've been given a few suggestions, but I thought I'd throw it out here too. Relevant details about the team: there are four of us- two males and two females, I'll probably run the slowest leg (unless someone other than Jordan runs the final leg which is 2.2km longer than the others), the other guy running has a history of fantastic moustaches, the other girl running is my favourite running friend Suz who just moved back to Montreal. Also, I'm hoping that by the end of it, Jordan looks a lot like this:

And I know for a fact that at some point (potentially before it even starts), Suz and I will be wishing the weather was more like this:

Maybe we should just put our thermal tights under our skirts so that we can look down and pretend it is much warmer.

So- any suggestions for a team name?


Anonymous said...

Maybe this is too obvious:
Cuatro Corredores Locos

k said...

Not necessarily obvious for everyone!

I've also received a "will run for bacon" suggestion...maybe choco-bacon?

Anonymous said...

Frozen Nips and Tips?????

Sandra said...

I ran my first 10K race on Sunday. It was minus 27. No that's not with windchill, although it was a "dry" cold. The good news is that I finished. The bad news is that I finished last. Okay, tied with 2 other ladies for last. Overall though only 25 people total finished all 10K as most (sensibly) decided to stop after 5. I think there were a few hundred registered to run so in that case I did pretty well. Hopefully your run isn't quite as cold.

I like "Will run for bacon."

k said...

Sandra- I commend you for even starting! That is really impressive that you decided to start AND finish the entire thing. Last or not, way to go!