Saturday, December 05, 2009

kind of fun

While I've never actually read the "Fat Cyclist" blog (until today), I have seen it mentioned and seen it on blogrolls. Then this morning, I saw a "retweet" from a tour de france rider that I follow (yeah, I'm a dork in more ways than tacocat) that caught my attention. Johan Bruyneel (of Team US Postal, Team Discovery Channel, Team Astana, and now Team RadioShack fame ok- mostly of team Lance Armstrong fame) threw down the gauntlet.

Fat Cyclist wrote an "open cover letter" applying for a job on Team RadioShack, Bruyneel offered him a spot at training camp if he could raise $20,000 before Dec 11 and will throw in a bike if he can raise $50,000.  (the open cover letter is definitely worth a read- it's pretty funny)

I'm actually kind of curious to see how the fundraising goes, to see if he mades it to training camp, and to hear how brutal a training camp like that would be. I also love that the guy asked for what he wanted, albeit somewhat as a joke, and through the magic of the internet, the right people saw his letter and said "ok dude- bring it!"

Good luck Fat Cyclist!

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