Tuesday, December 08, 2009

i know no one cares

But I really find this fascinating: the ante has been upped EVEN FURTHER in the Fat Cyclist drama.
Not only has he raised the $20,000 to get to training camp, but he's raised the $50,000 to get the bike. How'd he do it? Well, if you want to win the bike (signed by team radio shack), go donate. (he offered the bike as a prize to get donations)

Want to win a trip to the Tour de France? Go donate! They've upped the ante and if he can raise $100,000 by Friday, someone's winning the trip.

I just think it is cool what the internet can do. (and i do love the Tour de France...)


Leslie's Keith said...

Hey K!

Never heard of Fat Cyclist or this 'drama' until I popped onto your bolg...and now I'm HOOKED...internet once again becomes the 'time vampire'...I'll never get the last hour back...

Thanks for a laugh, and a link to a great cause.


Heather said...

I care, though I found out when I read the blog yesterday. I thought only he could win the trip to the tour de france though... I may be wrong, I kind of skimmed it.

k said...

I hadn't heard much about Fat Cyclist until I saw a "retweet" on twitter and decided to check out the drama. And I love it. (although I have yet to read anything other than contest info on his blog- but I'll have to keep tuning in...especially for training camp stories)

Heather- only he can win (and has won) the trip to training camp, but I think anyone can win the Tour de France trip. I think it is a trip to the finishing festivities...how cool would that be?

k said...

and keith- sorry for helping the internet steal your hour. at least it was for a good cause :)