Wednesday, December 02, 2009

christmas spirit

Now that it is December, I feel like I should be getting into the Christmas spirit. The red cups have been out for awhile, buildings are decorated, carols are being played everywhere, and Christmas eve is just 22 days away. I've tried not to get too caught up in Christmas activities too early as not to suffer from "Christmas burnout", but now I think it is time to ramp up the Christmas spirit by participating in a few of my favourite things:

red cup drinking

love actually watching

baking (yeah...that's from 4 years ago, but whatever)
and tree trimming.

I'm sure once I participate in more of all of those things, I will be filled with the Christmas spirit in no time.

So- what puts you in the Christmas spirit?


Leslie's Keith said...

Strange...but in the 'Winter Wonderland' of Banff...Xmas feeling doesn't really hit until the 23rd...when the holidays travellers arrive. Town is quiet, the locals are out (this time of year you recognize most passers-by)..the decorations have gone up...but we aren't bombarded by the 'city/shopping/get ready here it comes' feelings that hit populated centres. I never noticed it until I moved here full time...but I LIKE it. I'll enjoy Christmas when it gets here in 3 weeks...have fun preparing!


k said...

I have to admit, I usually don't feel fully in the Christmas spirit until I get "home" to Calgary and I'm with family.

Kirst said...

Woohoo for you guys coming for Christmas! We are all very excited.