Thursday, November 19, 2009

vegan dinner, dessert and a few thoughts

I last left you with a few ingredients that would feature somewhat prominently in my dinner: garlic, soy sauce, sesame oil, and rice wine vinegar. Now there's nothing different about that- I use those a lot but what I don't use a lot is tofu. I've been wanting to try to cook tofu for awhile now, so it seemed like the perfect day to give it a go. Last night, I threw the aforementioned ingredients into a bag (and I used extra firm tofu) and threw it in the fridge.  The plan was to then cut the block of tofu into slices and then fry them so that they'd be crispy on at least two sides (my sister recommended making sure they were crispy because I wasn't sure about texture).

Since I didn't know exactly how long it would take to get crispy, I brought out the cook book:

Mark Bittman recommended 3-4 minutes on each side, so I started with that. I found that I needed to add a minute or so per side to get it as crispy as I wanted although I may have been "crowding the pan" a bit:

 As I looked in the pan and looked at my brown rice, I decided that even though I was also having a salad, my plate needed a little green, so once the mushrooms came out, I threw in some spinach. The final product:

(i ended up adding another little bit of tofu and man my salad was boring...all i had left was lettuce and carrots...not a very fun salad)

Overall, a pretty good dinner, but I think there was a little too much soy sauce and not enough rice wine vinegar in my marinade (which makes sense because I thought I had more in the bottle when I was planning the marinade...) so it was one of those meals that I really enjoyed, but didn't really want to go back for more even though I was still a little hungry.

Since I was still hungry after dinner, I decided on a dessert of an english muffin, almond butter and jam:

I'll post a few other thoughts about my day as a vegan tomorrow, but here are a few thoughts for now:
  • Was I hungrier than usual? Not all day, but I am now. I think the fact that my BodyPump instructor really kicked our asses today is catching up with me. I might have to have a little bowl of cereal and almond milk if I'm still feeling hungry in half an hour.
  • I think I had too much soy, but that is because I wasn't planning on this morning's latte.
  • I had to read a LOT and had to do a decent amount of googling. Just as about to put a piece of gum in my mouth I thought "oh crap, what if it isn't vegan" was.
  • Food blogging is HARD. I'm not a good food photographer (as you can see by today's pictures) and I had to try to remember to take pictures. I definitely didn't get all the ingredients in (like with today's breakfast), but I tried my best.
  • I succeeded! (well, so far anyway, i'm not in bed yet) And with only one or two cravings. I really wanted chocolate milk after my work out and I couldn't snack on a couple of my "go to" crackers because they have honey in them. It was easier at work than at home because there are more non-vegan options here at home.
  • Honestly- for the day it wasn't hard but I really do rely on dairy (and love dairy) for a lot of my meals so more than a day or two would be tough for me.
That's it for now. I definitely have a few more thoughts on the matter, but I'll leave those for the next post.

Hope you enjoyed my day as a vegan food blogger. Again, for more posts and info on vegan week and vegan for a day, check out Eating Journey and Silly Tater tot.


Katy said...

I love Mark Bittman. And I think that once #VeganWeek is done, I'll try and go to his philosophy of "Vegan Before 6pm."

Thank you so much for giving the vegan lifestyle a shot today -- judging by the response to Vegan Week, I'd say that lots of people are opening their minds to different styles of healthy living. And that is super cool.

Heather said...

I forgot to tell you to cut the tofu before marinading so that each little piece gets the goodness.

I used to get an americano misto with soy at starbucks instead of a latte because I too found it too filling.

k said...

I waffled on cutting it first and had actually planned to...but decided i was too lazy to cut it. i'm glad i didn't because i think it would have been WAY to salty if i had...but if my marinade had been a bit more balanced, i think cutting it would have been the way to go. Or, if I hadn't been marinating it overnight it DEFINITELY would have needed to be cut first.

could you taste the coffee in the americano?

Reverend Joyleaf said...

Hey, just wondering what you did with the rest of the pumpkin. That's a large can and there's no way you ate it all with the oats.

k said...

my plan is to make pumpkin bread this weekend. the recipe calls for a full can, but i figure i only used a large spoonful, so it should still work out.

i have been known to make pumpkin oats in the past...but i've been wanting to make the bread for awhile.

lu said...

another delicious vegan friendly snack is soy sauce, garlic, and ginger (all fresh, of course) on a halved avocado. as long as you don't have a hot date afterwards, tis delicious.

i tried last year to cut dairy out of my life in an attempt to ease my allergies, but i could not for the life of me appreciate the soy milk in a latte. it tasted like nuts and was so thick!

i quite like your photos of the food!