Wednesday, November 25, 2009

jack had magic beans

I have magic avocados.

I brought half an avocado to work today to add to my sandwich. After I scooped it all out, there were obviously some little bits that remained in the skin. By the end of the lunch hour, a coworker looked at it and noticed that none of it had gone brown- it was still as green as ever. So I made a mental note to check out the other avocado half when I got home. The results were astounding! (yes, I'm probably using that lightly) I cut this avocado before 7am and I took this picture about 12 hours later:

Barely a brown spot! Sure, I tried my best to get the plastic wrap as sealed up as possible, but this hasn't happened to any other avocados I've cut. Kind of crazy and in some ways, perhaps a little scary. Have they started injecting strange "non brown" genes into avocado seeds? Did I buy mutant avocados? Have I developed some sort of midas touch that takes the brown out of them?

(yeah, kind of a random post, but this really was quite a strange occurrence)


Randy said...

This has nothing to do with avocados, however it does have to do with bacon, mmm. Last night on Criminal Minds, Kevin the techie geek, had a Bacon Chocolate Long John, does it get any better than that?

lu said...

i will never understand you bacon people's fascination with it! but it makes me laugh!

that is rather interesting about the avocado. and my first thought was that they had genetically modified the 'cados!

Sunshine Girl said...

Je ne sais pas! I do not know!
C'est bizarre! It's bizarre!
J'ai faim! I'm hungry!
J'adore les avocats. I loooove avocadoes!