Tuesday, November 03, 2009

i practice what i preach

Just so that you know that I practice what I preach, I got myself all vaccinated up yesterday. I'm considered one of the "high risk" groups due to my asthma, so I was able to get out there and get vaccinated early. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I was able to get a wristband at about 11am and was then told to come back around 4. At that point, I waited in three separate locations, each time waiting for my number to be called. It all went smoothly, but it did have a slightly ominous feeling. If all of a sudden all the exits had sealed, the windows covered and the room we were in was turned into a gas chamber, it wouldn't have been shocking. But we all made it out alive and I was in and out of there in just over an hour.

I now have a bit of a case of the "flu shot arm" (ie. stiff, sore, and a little uncomfortable) but other than that I feel good. I'll let you know if I suddenly develop a snout or get some sort of strange illness.

On a more fun note, go check out "the things i know" to weigh in on what she should do with her Christmas vacation!

(by the way- I think getting the flu shot is definitely a personal choice, so I'm not pressuring you at all. i just thought i'd let you know that I followed through with what I said I'd do)


lu said...

yes, come help me decide where to go and what to do over christmas this year!!

k said...

in the interest of full discretion, i thought i should let you all know that my arm is still a little sore and swollen. it isn't all that bad, but it is still there...