Sunday, November 29, 2009

buena suerte

Not much to say tonight, but I felt like I should at least do a quick update so that I don't have to look at that magic avocado (which did eventually go brown after 24 hours- I had it at lunch the next day and it was finally browning a bit).

Most importantly though- tomorrow is PhD defense I suppose as of mid-day tomorrow, I will officially (and old fashioned-ly) be a "Mrs. Dr." I think of two things when I hear "Mrs. Dr." The first is an episode of Friends when Rachel is chatting about her engagement to Barry and the other is "Mrs. Dr. Vandertramp" which is a mnemonic that is supposed to help you remember which verbs (in french) are conjugated with "ĂȘtre" I know that things will go well, but I know that I'd hate having to go through it, so 11am tomorrow can't come soon enough.

And, just so that we all know what the graduation "regalia" is all about:

I'm not sure it gets much cooler than that. I think I'll do a PhD simply for the clothes. I mean, the sleeves come with OR without cuffs and nothing says fabulous like pocket slits for easy access. I know I'm hoping he gets to wear an 8 point hat.


Kirst said...

I'll call around 10 our time. Will Jordan be home? I too can't wait to hear the good news. Prayers and thoughts for Jordan, and you for tomorrow.

k said...

try either my or his cell. he'll be at the university all morning and i have to be back at work for the afternoon- the defense is over at 11 at the latest (so 9 your time) his is probably a better bet. if you don't have the number email me and i'll send it to you.

kris said...

Just a quick question about the Mrs. Dr. thing (even though it's a joke). Jordan won't be Mr. Dr. because Dr. replaces Mr., and you aren't currently Mrs. Mr. so why would you be Mrs. Dr.?

After tomorrow I'll definitely be intimidated to hang out with you two.

lu said...

that is so exciting! i am sure it will go well and i will be thinking positive dissertation defense thoughts for you two tomorrow.

k said...

kris- my guess is prestige. i did a quick google search and couldn't come up with anything but i was probably using the wrong terms. i'll try again and see if i can come up with anything other than the "prestige" of being married to a dr.

it all went really well and he is relieved that it is all over and that he isn't a student anymore!

Heather said...

Yay Jordan!!! And don't worry, I didn't send him any of my spanish civil war knowledge (because as my sister lovingly pointed out, that would just make him dumber). I just sent the positive vibes!

Congratulations and what a nice relief to be pretty much finished!

kris said...

Don't worry, I'm just kidding around. I'll gladly think of you (and refer to you) as Mrs. Dr. Jordan T. from now on! : p

Anonymous said...


Mrs. Dr. Moultgard - sounds good!


Chrissy & Brian said...

Congrats to Jordan. And to you for being married to a dr. :)

And you are right, I think it was called Richtree. So yummy.

And I agree, "BEYOND" would have been enough. :)

And I have totally over used "And" and the ":)". oh well.