Wednesday, October 07, 2009

chickens in sweaters

I know I hate birds, I eat meat, and I eat eggs, there's something about this that both breaks my heart and warms my heart. Plus, there are SWEATERS! And I actually know two people that made some of those sweaters (the pink ones)

That "rehabilitated" chicken really did look so much better and seeing those poor chickens makes me feel pretty guilty...
For more information on the chicken rescue program check out the Cobble Hills Farm Sanctuary website.

I think is a pretty cool concept to have a children's program AND a farm rescue program rolled into one. As much as I hate birds, I think I'll have to go back to buying the Free Range eggs.


kris said...

I decided a while ago to only eat animals that had been given the chance to wear clothes. I guess I can add these chickens to my list.

k said...

I'd say that you could adopt one, but you have to agree not to eat it if you adpt it.