Wednesday, September 30, 2009

will run for fun!

Today I did something I don't normally do: I ran on my lunch hour. I think it is only the third time I've done it now that I think about it. The first was sometime within the first spring that I started running and the second was sometime this summer.

The main reason I decided to run at lunch was because a coworker has been complaining that she can't find the time to run after work. She has two small children and finding the time to run is pretty tough. I know I have lots of time on my hands, but even I have trouble getting out the door sometimes. I figured I could help get her out there and since I don't really have a set training schedule right now, I need a little motivation to get a run in as well. If I don't have a specific race to train for, I find it difficult to get out and run. So it seemed like a win-win situation. I would be convinced to get out and run, she would be convinced to get out and run.

For the most part, aside from the cold wind that gave me a "wind headache", it was a success. Unfortunately there was one issue: she mentioned several times that she figured that I was being held back and that this was probably barely worth my time. She even thanked me for the "pity run". As we started, she talked about a conversation she had with a friend of her's last night, about how she was nervous about running with me because I'm a "better runner" than her. I quickly said "well, I'm a bit faster, but not better..." I guess it is true, my best 5K time is about 5 minutes faster than hers and the farthest she has run is just over 10K, I've run a few half marathons...but that doesn't mean we can't run together.
(and it feels really weird that someone might feel intimidated about running with me...ME?!?)

I tried to assure her that I wouldn't have suggested we run together if I didn't think it was "worth my time". Getting out and doing 5K at lunch is better than sitting around! Plus, today I was definitely appreciating an extra excuse to slow it down a bit. I got to run for FUN! It was great! But I'm just not sure if I managed to convince her that I actually enjoyed the run.

So here's my question for you: how to I assure her that running with her wasn't a "pity run"? Is there a way I can make her feel more comfortable about running with me? How do I convince her that I actually enjoyed myself?


Kirst said...

Yeah that's a tough one. I've gone for runs with others and I've felt that way. That I'm slowing them down etc. I might have to think on that one.

Heather said...

Do you ever feel like running with Jordan is beneficial to him, or do you feel like it's a pity run? If you DO feel like it's beneficial to him, what does he do to make you feel comfortable?

k said...

I don't. I actually meant to put in that when I run with Jordan, I know that if he wanted to go faster, he wouldn't be running with me. When we run together, it is because he's going at a "recovery pace". Generally it is just his suggestion that we run together that makes me feel ok about running with him. So maybe I just need to keep on suggesting that we run...(which was my plan A. but I figured it might be good to have a plan B)

I think that any time you suggest that you run with someone, it just implies that you'll find a pace that works for both (or all) of you. I'm just not sure she "buys" it.

Randy said...

Show her your blog. She might be convinced that you are sincere.

Sandra said...

You beat me to it Kristen. I was going to say that you just have to keep asking her to go with you and after a few times she will probably feel better. I am always the slower runner and actually kind of dread being invited to run with someone because I'm so embarrassed about my speed. It has nothing to do with the runner I'm going with and really nothing they could say would convince me they were having fun, I would just have to try it a few times and see that the person actually really seems to enjoy running with me.

eatingRD said...

I think that's awesome that you both got out there just to have fun and fit it in. I think if you made clear that she wasn't 'slowing you down' and expressed your appreciation for her joining you then she should eventually feel better about it I hope! I feel like that when I cycle with Chris because well he's training and tries to go like a maniac and I can't keep up. He makes it clear that I'm slow and to keep up, so that's why I refuse to ride with him unless it's just a quick trip and not a serious training session for him.
I think if you make the experience positive she will feel positive about it too :) That is a tough one.
Thanks for visiting my blog, I appreciate your comment :)