Tuesday, September 08, 2009

who do i think i am? my sister?

Sorry there has been such a silence (again), but once again, things have been pretty busy. Therefore, I'm pretty sure a list is in order...because everyone is doing it right?
  • AAAAAHHHHH!!!!! My sister is so grown up. She has bought a condo and she's getting married. I can't wait! I'm so excited for her.
  • I'm blogging from my deck. I love it.
  • The last week has been exhausting.
  • We are now a two income household.
  • Unfortunately, we are now also a two apartment household. But I like to refer to it as our "home in the eastern townships" instead of what it actually is.
  • We managed to move a couch and a bed (amongst other things) to the third floor of a walk up without me dropping anything, hurting myself, or crying out of frustration.
  • There was a light fixture broken and a little cut on my thumb, but those were minor compared to what could have been :)
  • I've discovered some cherry tomatoes growing right near the aforementioned deck. I've picked two and figure another few will be ready tomorrow. All this with no effort whatsoever.
  • We went to a lovely wedding in Toronto last weekend. Congrats to the happy couple. You both looked great and very happy.
  • It was nice to see the Lobbsters (well, three of them anyway) and everyone else. I just wish that I hadn't been so darn exhausted all weekend...and I had a bit of the sense of "impending doom" for much of the weekend
  • I also saw a Jays game. Sat in row 15 behind the Jays dugout, got to see a little A-Rod action (they were playing the yankees) and ALMOST saw a no-hitter.
  • My last two long runs have been quite successful. They've been really really tiring, but without really trying, I've unofficially broken my half-marathon PR twice. Maybe I'll do ok with this race after all. (about 4 weeks ago, I down graded my goal to "just get 'er done" and "don't get a personal worst")
  • I feel like there is lots going on and people keep asking me how things are going and I'm not really sure how to answer them
  • I've had some serious ice cream cravings lately. I can't get enough ice cream...and that's not usually like me. Maybe my body is just resisting the end of summer and figures that Ice Cream will make summer last forever.
  • The leaves are starting to change. At least it makes for good pictures.
  • I had a delicious dinner of turkey and apple sausages, sweet potatoes and spinach salad tonight. Yum. But I had to cook my own meat...I know it sounds strange, but I like eating meetmeat but I really hate cooking it.
There, I think that sums it up for the most part. Lots going on, but things are going along ok.


Heather said...

I like how you wrote meet.

I like that you have a deck!!!

I like that you've broken your half PR but remember the whole don't over-do it thing??

I can't wait to come visit!

lu said...

i am really, really hoping for some cheap flight deals out east in the coming year so i can visit you in your new nest.

big changes are afoot (is that how you use that word?) and i am sure that the smoothness of the move is the foreshadowing of the smoothness of the rest of this change.

Kirst said...

ice cream cravings, tired.....hmmmm.....