Sunday, September 27, 2009

before, middle, after

Honestly- now that it was a week ago and I've spent a bunch of time dissecting it in my head, I'm a little sick of the Army run. My final "feeling/thoughts" about it involve being happy that I pulled out the sub-2 when I felt like such crap, but also I've come to the conclusion that I need to work on my focus and ability to push through when everything is screaming NO. So that's the end of what I'll write about it- but, I do find a couple of the pictures amusing, so I thought I'd share.
First, the before:
As you can see, I brought out the skull and argyle arm socks again (scroll down a little). I was excited to find them again at Giant Tiger. I love that for less than 3 dollars, I can get arm warmers that I can throw to the side of the course when I get too hot. (just buy knee socks and cut off the toe). I feel like I look kind of lanky in this picture...and I don't think I'm lanky. Maybe I am and I just don't know it.

Anyway, on to the "during":
Oh man am I trying to kick it into high gear here. Jordan took this shortly before I passed his viewing spot (you know, 'cause he finished more than half an hour before that). I remember hearing him yell at me as I passed and I was definitely happy to hear his voice because it meant I was really close to the finish line. When I look at this picture and see grandpa in the fore-ground there, I'm darn impressed by him and feel a little un-impressed with myself :) For the up close look of just how terrible I was feeling, click here.

And the after:
Relief I tell you. Very happy to be done and to have at least finished with a "1" in front of my time. Congrats to Jordan for the wicked time!
I have a pretty funny picture of a couple of friends and I that was taken right before this one, but I haven't asked if it is ok to post it here. I'll put it on facebook for those of you who are able to see it there.

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