Wednesday, September 30, 2009

will run for fun!

Today I did something I don't normally do: I ran on my lunch hour. I think it is only the third time I've done it now that I think about it. The first was sometime within the first spring that I started running and the second was sometime this summer.

The main reason I decided to run at lunch was because a coworker has been complaining that she can't find the time to run after work. She has two small children and finding the time to run is pretty tough. I know I have lots of time on my hands, but even I have trouble getting out the door sometimes. I figured I could help get her out there and since I don't really have a set training schedule right now, I need a little motivation to get a run in as well. If I don't have a specific race to train for, I find it difficult to get out and run. So it seemed like a win-win situation. I would be convinced to get out and run, she would be convinced to get out and run.

For the most part, aside from the cold wind that gave me a "wind headache", it was a success. Unfortunately there was one issue: she mentioned several times that she figured that I was being held back and that this was probably barely worth my time. She even thanked me for the "pity run". As we started, she talked about a conversation she had with a friend of her's last night, about how she was nervous about running with me because I'm a "better runner" than her. I quickly said "well, I'm a bit faster, but not better..." I guess it is true, my best 5K time is about 5 minutes faster than hers and the farthest she has run is just over 10K, I've run a few half marathons...but that doesn't mean we can't run together.
(and it feels really weird that someone might feel intimidated about running with me...ME?!?)

I tried to assure her that I wouldn't have suggested we run together if I didn't think it was "worth my time". Getting out and doing 5K at lunch is better than sitting around! Plus, today I was definitely appreciating an extra excuse to slow it down a bit. I got to run for FUN! It was great! But I'm just not sure if I managed to convince her that I actually enjoyed the run.

So here's my question for you: how to I assure her that running with her wasn't a "pity run"? Is there a way I can make her feel more comfortable about running with me? How do I convince her that I actually enjoyed myself?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

life part time apart

Starting after labour day, the new living arrangements began. For the next 10 months, I work Monday to Friday in Ottawa. Jordan works Monday evening to Thursday evening not in Ottawa. How do I feel about that?
That being said, it is the way it is. We are grateful that he was able to find a job since so many academic positions were cancelled this year (because when the economy falters, academic funds seem to dry up pretty quickly) and even more grateful that this job is within driving distance of my job. If it was a permanent job, we would have moved there and we would have started to build a "new life" wherever that job was. Since this is a year-long contract (well, school year contract), it seemed best for me to keep my job and for us to do this for a the school year. While it sucks, we are going to make the best of it. And again, we are grateful that this permanent job is so close and not in South Carolina or something like that.

Stay tuned for more on the situation. I'm sure there will be some stories to tell- there is bound to be some good, some bad, and some ugly (or does that disgusted face up there already count as that already?)

Monday, September 28, 2009

better than drinking yourself into a stupor

This is a video gone viral...done by some (170 apparently) students at the University of Quebec at Montreal. Since this is my blog, I'm sure that on every computer but my own it will appear GIANT! but it is worth sharing anyway. Enjoy!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

before, middle, after

Honestly- now that it was a week ago and I've spent a bunch of time dissecting it in my head, I'm a little sick of the Army run. My final "feeling/thoughts" about it involve being happy that I pulled out the sub-2 when I felt like such crap, but also I've come to the conclusion that I need to work on my focus and ability to push through when everything is screaming NO. So that's the end of what I'll write about it- but, I do find a couple of the pictures amusing, so I thought I'd share.
First, the before:
As you can see, I brought out the skull and argyle arm socks again (scroll down a little). I was excited to find them again at Giant Tiger. I love that for less than 3 dollars, I can get arm warmers that I can throw to the side of the course when I get too hot. (just buy knee socks and cut off the toe). I feel like I look kind of lanky in this picture...and I don't think I'm lanky. Maybe I am and I just don't know it.

Anyway, on to the "during":
Oh man am I trying to kick it into high gear here. Jordan took this shortly before I passed his viewing spot (you know, 'cause he finished more than half an hour before that). I remember hearing him yell at me as I passed and I was definitely happy to hear his voice because it meant I was really close to the finish line. When I look at this picture and see grandpa in the fore-ground there, I'm darn impressed by him and feel a little un-impressed with myself :) For the up close look of just how terrible I was feeling, click here.

And the after:
Relief I tell you. Very happy to be done and to have at least finished with a "1" in front of my time. Congrats to Jordan for the wicked time!
I have a pretty funny picture of a couple of friends and I that was taken right before this one, but I haven't asked if it is ok to post it here. I'll put it on facebook for those of you who are able to see it there.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

because you are beautiful

I know- I'm not feeling all that creative this week. I think I lost all my brain cells on Sunday and they just need a little time to regenerate. Anyway, another picture, hopefully to make you smile.

Monday, September 21, 2009

on being a bit of a perfectionist

Running has really been "good for me" when it comes to my perfectionist-like tendencies. Running is something that I will never be really good at. I like to do it, I keep getting better, but I will never win a race. I'll never win my age group (unless maybe I'm running at 80, and at that point you just plain old deserve a prize for still being able to do it) and I probably won't ever crack the top 5 at any point (I'd say the top 10, but I freakishly did that in July on Canada day), but I do it. It is something that helps me set goals, go farther, feel uncomfortable, it helps me push, it helps me push even farther... oh, and it helps me stay in shape and feel pretty good once the exhaustion is over.

Even though I know very well that I'm never going to win, I always want to do my best. I want to get out and run as hard as I can on the day and I definitely get disappointed when I feel like I "fail" myself. The bad runs make me feel bad, the good runs make me feel like I'm on top of the world.

Yesterday was a little of both. On one hand, I felt really happy for finally* getting in under 2 hours. On the other, I just squeaked in (1:59.17) and thought that I had a faster time in me. And maybe I did. Maybe with a little more toughness, I could have pushed through the nausea, lack of sugar (due to the nausea...was trying to stave off the puke by not drinking too much or taking any more gel), and jelly legs. I don't know. What I do know is that the last 5k felt terrible and mile 12 was one of the most painful "I'd do anything to stop running" type miles of my running so far. I wanted to quit so bad. I wanted to walk, I wanted to sit down and cry, I wanted to do anything but keep running. Not so coincidentally, it was also the slowest "race mile" I've run in a year. I look at that mile (and a few others, but that one in particular) and think "why didn't I push harder?", "why couldn't I have just sucked it up a little more?", "seriously? what happened?" But at the same time, I was spent. It really was all I could do to put one foot in front of the other and keep going.

So the "normal" person in me is really happy with getting it done, but the perfectionist in me is a little angry and disappointed that I didn't finish strong and that I didn't pull through with a little bit of a faster time.

So yes- a little insight into the inner workings of a quasi-perfectionist. Running has helped me to let go of always feeling like I have to be the best...but every so often, my own best doesn't always feel good enough for that little voice inside of me.

I'll post some pictures of pre, during and aftermath later this week.

*I guess by finally, I mean that I wanted to go under 2 hours last September, it didn't happen and I had to wait a whole year due to winter, injuries and trying to come back slowly. So really, it was just my second try at the sub-2 hour so I'm not sure if finally is the right word.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

race day- brrrrrrr

Up early.
Ate oats for breakfast.
It is 5 degrees (brrrr) but should be about 10 by the time the race starts and about 16 when I hit the finish line.
I have a nervous tummy, but I think it will go just fine. I'm sure Jordan will have a good race too.

I'll update when it is all over...

Monday, September 14, 2009


Pardon the terrible title- I just had to do it. Just a short little update to say:

Check out Heather's race report over on her blog! Again, she and the rest of the Canmore runners killed their races and their PRs!

As I mentioned yesterday, I ran 8 miles and did an hour of yoga in the morning. I'm a little bit sore today but it isn't from the 8 miles OR the yoga but rather from the wii bowling I did last night.

We decided that full wind up and full bowling stance was I bowled it up. Not only did I get 6 strikes in a row (yeah, that's right...and they call it the "six pack") but I kicked everyone's butt in the first game by scoring a 222. Then of course, Jordan had to ruin it all by getting the EXACT SAME SCORE in the third game. He just couldn't let me bask in the glory :) Regardless (and I really am joking...i think it is pretty hilarious that we got the same high score), my bowling muscles are actually pretty sore today- especially my intercostal muscles. It is pretty darn hilarious that the thing that did me in was the video game. I'm now looking forward to Wednesday's massage even more!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

a good sunday morning

Sure I got up at the crack of dawn...but after a breakfast of overnight oats (with cinnamon, raspberries and brown sugar- delicious) and water, we were out the door at 7 and off running. Running that early is really quite peaceful. Even along a major road, there weren't really any cars, then when we got to the path, the river was quiet, the path was quiet...very peaceful. The only things that weren't quiet were the mosquitos and Jordan's stomach.

For once it wasn't my stomach. For most of the summer, I've been struggling with what I can and can't eat before a run. The "stomach sloshes" have been terrible (to the point where my friend asked me what that weird sound could hear it AND even feel the weirdness in my stomach if you put your hand over it) and it has caused me much cramping and annoyance. But they seem to have gotten better just in time for my last few weeks of training. Today was the last long run before the race and it was quite nice. For the record- oats are good, bananas with almond butter are also good. Kashi Go-Lean Crunch with strawberries? Not good.

And why were we up at the crack of dawn you ask? Well, to hit up a free yoga class at lululemon! One of my favourite teachers was doing a class and since she no longer teaches where I work, I thought it would be nice to do one of her classes again. Very well worth it. So if you are ever in the Ottawa-Gatineau area and see a class with Becky Picher, go for it- she's a great teacher.

A long run (well, long-ish) and yoga all before 10am- a lovely Sunday morning! Can't wait to see what the rest of the day brings.

(And to Heather, Matt, and my mum- I hope today is fun! Run your heart out and keep a smile on your face: you'll be doing a race in one of my favourite places in the world so enjoy the scenery!!!)
Update: They all KILLED the race! The beautiful mountain scenery and air (and my jealousy of where they were) must have motivated the crap out of them because they all had great races! Go over and congratulate Heather on her great race!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

who do i think i am? my sister?

Sorry there has been such a silence (again), but once again, things have been pretty busy. Therefore, I'm pretty sure a list is in order...because everyone is doing it right?
  • AAAAAHHHHH!!!!! My sister is so grown up. She has bought a condo and she's getting married. I can't wait! I'm so excited for her.
  • I'm blogging from my deck. I love it.
  • The last week has been exhausting.
  • We are now a two income household.
  • Unfortunately, we are now also a two apartment household. But I like to refer to it as our "home in the eastern townships" instead of what it actually is.
  • We managed to move a couch and a bed (amongst other things) to the third floor of a walk up without me dropping anything, hurting myself, or crying out of frustration.
  • There was a light fixture broken and a little cut on my thumb, but those were minor compared to what could have been :)
  • I've discovered some cherry tomatoes growing right near the aforementioned deck. I've picked two and figure another few will be ready tomorrow. All this with no effort whatsoever.
  • We went to a lovely wedding in Toronto last weekend. Congrats to the happy couple. You both looked great and very happy.
  • It was nice to see the Lobbsters (well, three of them anyway) and everyone else. I just wish that I hadn't been so darn exhausted all weekend...and I had a bit of the sense of "impending doom" for much of the weekend
  • I also saw a Jays game. Sat in row 15 behind the Jays dugout, got to see a little A-Rod action (they were playing the yankees) and ALMOST saw a no-hitter.
  • My last two long runs have been quite successful. They've been really really tiring, but without really trying, I've unofficially broken my half-marathon PR twice. Maybe I'll do ok with this race after all. (about 4 weeks ago, I down graded my goal to "just get 'er done" and "don't get a personal worst")
  • I feel like there is lots going on and people keep asking me how things are going and I'm not really sure how to answer them
  • I've had some serious ice cream cravings lately. I can't get enough ice cream...and that's not usually like me. Maybe my body is just resisting the end of summer and figures that Ice Cream will make summer last forever.
  • The leaves are starting to change. At least it makes for good pictures.
  • I had a delicious dinner of turkey and apple sausages, sweet potatoes and spinach salad tonight. Yum. But I had to cook my own meat...I know it sounds strange, but I like eating meetmeat but I really hate cooking it.
There, I think that sums it up for the most part. Lots going on, but things are going along ok.